The Best Places doing Delivery in Manchester during Lockdown

From cheese toasties to donuts and everything in between!

As we enter our seventh week of lockdown, I’m sure like me you’re sick of coming up with ideas of what to cook. So here I am to getting rid of that problem for you.

I propose two solutions, you can either get a DIY meal box delivered, which takes all the difficulty out of cooking for you OR you can opt for a delivery of some delicious chef-prepared grub mean you barely have to get off the sofa to eat.

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La Bandera
The absolute ULTIMATE Spanish Experience right at your gaff in Salford, lovely huh? Whether you want a paella with a house wine (£38), 5 Tapas and a bottle of the vino (£45) or go fancy going full fiesta with Sangría instead, it’s entirely up to you!

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The Drinks Drop Cocktails
If there’s one thing we’re all missing it’s a cheeky cocktail, init!? Fear no more, ‘The Drinks Drop’ are bringing your favourite drinks from all your favourite bars in town. Get em in for the bank hol, you won’t regret it.

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You can get an entire BBQ pack delivered right to your door meaning you don’t have to waste time stuck in the kitchen when you could be standing in your garden, with the hot British sun beaming down on your neck sipping on a frosty can of Carlsberg. With the Indian twist, you’re in for some seriously good kebabs too.

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Northern Soul GIY
Kicking off with a big one. CHEESE. Nuff said really init. This pack includes everything you need for Cheese Toasties and slap-up portion of Mac & Cheese. Personally, I’d recommend putting the mac and cheese ON the toastie. Done. Completed it. Signing off.

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We had to wait a while but Federal managed to get all the necessaries in place so we can officially have the best brunch in Manchester at home. AND we don’t even have to queue for some glorious baked treats and beaut eggs.

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The team over at ShinDigger guarantee beer on your doorstep within 3 hours of ordering – so we tested it out. Surely enough a lovely crate of fresh, cold tinnies arrived in Stretford after 1 hour 45 minutes – quenching our thirst almost immediately. They’ve got a fantastic selection on offer each week too!

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Gooey Co
If, like me, you’ve taken to trying to brush up your baking skills and it’s gone horrifically wrong, just stop. It’s not for everyone, leave it to the pros. Luckily, Gooey Co is back on sale which means Instagram and dribble worthy doughnuts and cookies galore. Tuck in kids.

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Eat New York
Quoted as the best bagels this side of the Atlantic, it’s definitely worthy of a delivery to your door. The Bagel Drop, as it is now called, is delivering all over Manchester meaning you can find yourself in bagel heaven in just a matter of minutes. They’ve even got chocolate chip cookie trays available too. Wipe the dribble from your mouth you dutty pig.

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The Koffee Pot
I can’t decide between shouting about the Burger Kits or the Full English Breakfast kits so I’m going to do both and suggest you spend the full day ‘at’ Koffee Pot. After all, it is one of the best places for an all-day boozer and that is not something that needs to be missed because of lockdown. Not if Koffee Pot has anything to do with it.

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Home by Nico
If you’ve found yourself thinking you need a 6-course slap up meal in lockdown, Home By Nico has got your name written all over it. It’s the perfect way to enjoy luxury dining at home, maybe you’ve got a birthday, an anniversary or you’re just feeling damn boujee.

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Manchester’s Cheese Man
Sometimes a day needs cheese. In fact, most days need cheese. So get a beautifully curated cheese board delivered to your house by the guy we like to call ‘Manchester’s Cheese Man’. He’s actually called Jonathan and he knows everything you need to know about cheese, including supplying to Manchester’s Michelin-starred, Mana.

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