The Best Pub Quizzes in Manchester

Although some people really enjoy watching Bradley Walsh The Chase, it’s clear to all that the king of all TV quiz shows is Pointless.

Not only is the concept much better, you also don’t have to endure the smug, arrogant attitudes of those ‘chasers’, who sit there like that group of middle-aged nerds you get at so many pub quizzes, quietly sniggering to themselves because nobody else knows who wrote the theme tune to Peak Practice.

Well, screw em – head to one of these brilliant quizzes in Manchester instead…

Comedy Quiz The Bay Horse Tavern
A very new addition to the Quiz scene in the city centre, The Bay Horse Tavern have introduced a ‘Comedy Quiz’ to Tuesday’s offerings and first of all it should be noted that it’s not a quiz about comedy, it’s a quiz with comedy. Therefore you can expect some laughs and some tears as you forget who was the UK’s entry in the 1996 Eurovision (Gina G) and exactly how many boiled eggs Cool Hand Luke managed to eat in prison (50). I went down last week to their first night and it must be said that not only was I pretty rusty, but the questions were devilishly difficult – so get your thinking cap on early doors and keep it on. Their menu of small plates (and amazing selection of crisps) are also perfect for during the quiz, where you can just pick away while using some grey matter.

The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
Every Tuesday
8pm – 11pm


MatchPint Quiz at Black Dog Ballroom
If footy is your thing and you can remember every celebration and every goal that Alan Shearer scored in the 1998-99 Premier League Season then you’ll be cleaning up at the Black Dog Ballroom and their regular MatchPint quiz evenings. Their next one is a World Cup Special, and once that’s done I feel they might take a back seat for the Summer while they do a few themed ones. It’ll most likely be back in full force come the new season though where you’ll have more chances to win booze and show off your extensive footy knowledge.

Black Dog Ballroom NWS, 11-13 New Wakefield St, Manchester M1 5NP
MatchPint World Cup Quiz – Wednesday 30th May
7.30pm – 10pm


The Friendship Quiz
My mate Darren Beattie, who enjoys the traditional ingredients of football, beer and darts, is fond of proclaiming The Friendship Inn as “The Best Pub in Europe™”. Although I think the Hare & Hounds in Shudehill might just pip it to the post; the Friendship is a great ‘traditional’ pub and in stark contrast with many of the other places to be found in Fallowfield. The booze is always of a high quality (attributed to an OCD landlord who cleans the pipes after every 2 barrels), as is their TWO quizzes on Tuesdays and Sundays. Tuesday is General Knowledge, while Sunday is primarily set aside for Music. The atmosphere is great, it’s free, the quizmaster is a legend and you can win a gallon of beer (8 pints) – excellent.

Friendship Inn, 351 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, Lancashire M14 6XS
Every Tuesday (General Knowledge) and Sunday (Music)
9pm – 11.30pm


The Fab Cafe Quiz
Coined as the world’s first television and movie theme bar, Fab Cafe is adorned with the kind of kitsch, sci-fi memorabilia you would expect from a weekend at Comic-Con. Movie posters, model spaceships, a TARDIS, pinball machines and arcade games all feature in the bar, with one of my favourite touches coming from the Star Trek bridge/DJ area. Make sure to get yourself here early doors for this fantastic quiz, featuring a varied range of questions and challenges. The crowning glory of this quiz is undoubtedly at half-time; a momentous occasion occurs. One where dreams come true and all prejudices are laid aside…. there is free food. I am not just talking a plate of chips or a bag of crisps, I’m talking about what can only be described as the entire contents of a 1987 wedding buffet shared amongst the teams. On top of this, drinks are cheap! What more do you want?

Fab Cafe, Gainsborough House, 109 Portland St, Manchester M1 6DN
Every Wednesday
8.30pm – 11pm


Common Knowledge
There has been a fair few iterations of the Common Quiz in the past and so we are all eagerly awaiting the new version of it that starts at the beginning of June. It’s been a quiz that I’ve frequented on many occasions and have actually won a fair few times too. I’m glad that they’ve decided to mix things up a little bit because I had one of my most frustrating moments ever in here that not even years of counselling has helped eradicate from my memory. I was with a lady, just the two of us and we were absolutely smashing it (well, I was) and we were first with just one round left.  The 4th and final round however, was a game of play your cards right, and I buggered it up with pure arrogance. In the end I came 4th – all because of ‘chance’. I’m sure the new one will be much better thought out though – I’ll be sure to check it out when it starts up again and let you know.

Common, 39 Edge St, Manchester, Greater Manchester M4 1HW
First and third Wednesday of every month
7pm – 10pm


Abel Heywood Themed Quizzes
Abel Heywood have been putting on some brilliant themed quizzes since opening and this looks to continue. Annoyingly I came a close second in the sudden death round of their Star Wars quiz, and since then I’ve not been able to even get close to that. I didn’t know how many times bigger the 2nd Death Star was to the 1st by the way, something which I am proud NOT to know. One thing to note is that you should definitely book a table before-hand, these quizzes get really busy and if they are full, you’ll have to use someone’s back to write on your answer sheet.

Abel Heywood, 38 Turner St, Manchester M4 1DZ
Various dates and times
Check for listings


Quizimodo at Trof NQ
Upstairs at Trof on a Tuesday becomes a cacophony of shouting, arguing, laughing and sometimes crying when their quiz begins. Once the toast of Tuesday nights at Odd Bar, since it’s closure the Quizimodo lot have moved to Trof and so one should expect some cracking questions, strange challenges and the odd tantrum. Oh, and you get a free portion of proper UK chips at half time too, which manage to make you feel much better when you’re languishing in last place. It starts at 8pm but I would get there early – the amount of space upstairs would make a sardine claustrophobic.

Trof NQ, 8 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU
Every Wednesday
8pm – 10pm


The Railway Pub Quiz
The brilliantly traditional Railway pub in West Didsbury, located perpetually within the looming shadow of pub/hotel/4×4 parking space behemoth The Met, runs a weekly pub quiz, which is truly excellent. For £1 per person you get to sit in a truly great, proper boozer, with a great selection of real ales, cheap doubles, a massive packet of Quavers and a great quiz. Get yourself down there on a Tuesday to check it out.

The Railway Inn, 3 Lapwing Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2NT
Every Tuesday
8pm – 10pm



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