Tattu Summer Menu ’17 Review

With the current expansion into Leeds reaching its final stages you could forgive the team at Tattu if they held off on launching a new menu at the same time, but I for one am glad they didn’t, introducing the Spring/Summer 2017 Food menu.

With a waiting list of approx 9 wks on the weekends and practically a full house every night of the week it’s fair to say that Tattu are achieving what most Manchester restaurants can only ponder. The food scene in Manchester, relative to the size of the city, has gone somewhat stratospheric but the holy grail has to be weeknight trade. Filling up with weekend visitors is no-longer a benchmark of success for the likes of Tattu, these days at the higher end it’s a given, the battle ground is the week, and it’s no place for the weak.

Owners Adam and Drew can be found nearly every night of the week sat in the wings and orchestrating the dining experience with the type of hands on response times our emergency services could only ever hope to achieve. There in lies the success and this new menu is the latest iteration of that passion.

We started with the Mixed Dim Sum Basket (V): shitake mushroom, aubergine, pumpkin, new for this menu and dare I say it better that the none (V) counterpart, although both are excellent. We also went for the Crisps with chilli salt and the Shanghai Dumpling: prawn, coriander and black vinegar, a great amount of food to start off for 2 people and it’s worth noting the dipping sauces, don’t be shy.

We went for a few mains next, saving the small plates for our next visit, we took the Honey Roasted Chilean Sea Bass with enoki mushroom fritter and chilli. a divine dish and the flavour of that honey glaze is moorish to the point of forgetting where you are and going straight back in before you’ve even finished chewing. Sticking with seafood we also opted for Thai Style Crispy Monkfish with lime, shallots and lemongrass, slightly crunch uber tasty morsels with a sweet dipping sauce that brings me back to my previous point, don’t be shy. As a side plate we opted for the Teriyaki Scallops with pork crackling and sake, these are incredible.

It’s not often a side dish gets its own little paragraph but it’s not often that I have XO Beans with pork and chilli oil. Wow. Salty, meaty, sticky and considered sauce with fresh green beans and what a combo.

Dessert led us to Chocolate Fondant with caramel soy ice cream which is a serious dessert lovers dessert and the Yuzu Parfait with lemongrass and coconut the lighter fresher option both equally brilliant.

You can book in at Tattu here, and we advise you do: BOOK NOW



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