Roses are Red

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
4 shopping days left till Valentines,
And you haven’t a clue!

So the nations love to hate holiday of the year is almost upon us and your Princess Retail has some helpful tips and ideas for all you Manchesters Finest Lovers. 4 days left and counting; get shopping M.F’s

The New Romance

You’ve been together a matter of weeks, you like each other enough that you feel you should buy a present, however is it too soon? Awkard! Some gift ideas you cannot go wrong with; all with stores on your doorstep in Manchester;

Hey Little Cupcake, Spinningfields

With the LOVE cupcake collection, creamy icing and soft cake; this is the perfect gift at a low cost! And should you be dumped before said Valentines event; you could always eat it yourself! J

For The Uber Cool Man

Your man is trendy, Your man is not “lovey dovey”, Your man is Manchesters Finest. You wouldn’t dare buy a teddy holding a heart for him, and thinking of clothes for him you wouldn’t know where to start; he is far to cool.

Pretty Green, King Street

Liam Gallagher has just opened another store stocking his originally designed Menswear clothing. The stores offer a chic environment, with hot shirts perfect for your man. Anything designed by Oasis; how could he not like this?!

For The Sassy Wagabee

For any man in doubt about his sassy ladies gift for Valentines; we all know he should head to Selfridges. But then what? There have been many a times I have seen a lone man wandering aimlessly within a sea of womens clothings and brands, only to pick up a flowery number his grandma would be proud of, with fingers crossed tightly! Wander no more men of Manchester.

Shoe Boudoir, Selfridges

I assure you gentlemen, anything you purchase that have the words Choo or Louboutin in them, you will have a safe Valentines day. In-fact strike safe and replace with fantastic! You may even be passed the remote to watch Match of the Day at your leisure! Its worth a gamble!

If you need further advice contact us at Manchesters Finest or directly to Princess Retail



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