Who are the 15 new restaurants and bars coming to Manchester Airport?

You're going to want to rush through security faster than ever before with the new line up in Terminal 2.

By Alex Watson | 9 July 2019

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Everybody knows your holiday begins at the airport with a pint. Whatever the time. Midday? Beer. 3pm? Beer. 7am? BEER. 

You also massively confuse your body with what to eat, for whatever reason you fancy a full English in the middle of the night and a roast dinner at 7am. It’s all messed up but it’s no bother because you’re off on your jollies and anything goes

And I dunno about anyone else but I appear to be turning into my mum and making a habit of getting to the airport 4 million hours early for no reason.

Luckily, the choice of what to do for those 4 hours is about to get a WHOLE LOT BETTER BABY.

The new food spots include San Carlo Cicchetti, Barburrito and even the pink taste of America, Archie’s. One of the most famous coffee spots in town are also opening up a little coffee shop, Grindsmith and a new cafe from Pot Kettle Black

There’s a new pub called Bridgewater Exchange courtesy of Joseph Holt and the Salford lads behind Seven Brothers are extending their empire with Amber Alehouse. 

The new line up is set to be a taste of all things Northern and Mancunian household names to represent the strength and depth of the food and drink scene in Manchester. The new outlets are set to be complete by 2022 after a full refurbishment of the terminal. 


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