3 Courses & Natural Wine for £20: The Long Weekend Lunch Deal at Erst

Get 3 courses of outstanding seasonal food and a glass of natural wine or beer for just £20.

By Alex Watson | 24 September 2019

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Earlier this week we we treated to a sneak peek of what’s available on this weeks set lunch menu at Erst.

There’s two options, 2-courses (£15) or 3-courses (£20) with a meat and vegetarian option, both are inclusive of a natural glass of wine or beer.

First up, grilled corn on the cob drizzled in herb butter and served with lashings of grated Parmesan and a sprinkling of hot paprika on the top. Who knew corn on the cob could taste so good? This Mexican style starter is simple but mighty, packed full of flavour and plenty of texture.

The meat option this week, is actually fish. And more specifically, shellfish. Beer steamed mussels topped with a good drizzle of cream mixed with mustard and served with crispy and fluffy Focaccia with sprinkling of sea salt on the edge.

The vegetarian main option is marinated courgettes served with fresh curd a sprinkling of chilli & buckwheat grains. A delicious, light and fresh option with peeled courgette slithers, cooked ever so slightly to leave a crunchy skin on top of a bed of fresh curd.

Don’t be fooled into a sense that curds are bland from any kind of nursery rhyme, it’s filled with flavour, soft and melt in your mouth delicious.

And for dessert, sweet fig quarters with a toasty and buttery malt ice cream on a bed of pistachio crumb. 

Drinks are any that are on the keg on the day at Erst. Currently, there is Austrian white and red wines from Eschenhof Holzer, one of the most popular Austrian wines in Britain. Both wines are served in the standard 175ml in the lunch deal.

Or for beer alternatives there’s Hacker-Pschorr Hell, a lager from one of Germany’s oldest breweries or Lervig House Party IPA which has a biscuit base and grapefruit finish.  Both beers are served as pints as part of the lunch deal.

The ultimate lunch time treat for the weekend, with delicious, seasonal food and organic or natural wine.


The Long Weekend Lunch Deal
at Erst

Available: Thursday – Saturday, 1pm – 4pm,
Cost: 2-courses + drink (£15) or 3-courses + drink (£20)

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