£5 Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches and LOADS more at Black Dog

Everybody's favourite late-night spot actually does some seriously good grub and a bonkers lunch deal.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 2 October 2019

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For just FIVE sheets you can get your hands on a massive array of dishes off the menu.

You’ve got a choice of Cheeseburger (with fries), a Pepperoni (or Margherita) pizza, a Vendor Dog (with fries), the House Club Sandwich (with fries) or if you’re worried about your weight then a Super Food Salad with Goats Cheese at no extra cost. 

Everybody knows Black Dog is the best place to go for mid-week food deals but this one tops them all. 

First up PIZZA. The cheesy, doughy goodness that has graced this world is the thing we all need to be most thankful for in this life. The choice is yours whether you go for the humble classic Margherita not to be knocked though, sometimes you cannot beat a marg. Or you go for the spicy meaty Pepperoni.

My personal favourite from the menu, the Club Sandwich. It’s got lettuce on it so it’s pretty much dead healthy. Loads of chicken, loads of cheese, loads of crunchy bacon, onion and tomato it’s an absolute TREAT for the taste buds. 100% recommend getting involved with this one.

I’d like to point out here that I go on holiday in two days and chose this rather than the salad. That is an obscene amount of bread to have before you need to be in a bikini. No regrets though, it was FIT.

Sometimes all you want is a big fat juicy burger and chips. Well, look no further. Big, juicy and full of flavour and PLENTY of cheese. What more could you want? Add on a pint, it’s gotta be done – work can wait.

For those of you who are health-conscious, and definitely what I should have opted for, a Goats Cheese Superfood Salad. God even typing it makes me realise how badly I should have had this instead.

Crunchy and crisp and plenty of nutrients, I recommend this one on a Monday when you’re pretending you’re gonna be healthy all week.

I don’t know what it is about hotdogs but they suddenly make me feel very wintery. Maybe it’s the memories of eating them from a truck on bonfire night or watching my brother play rugby. Either way, they’re an absolute STAPLE to a diet this time of year.

Topped with the absolute necessity on any hot dog, crispy fried onions, this one is perfect. And you don’t have to freeze to death eating it outside pretending you know what a ‘try’ is.


£5 Lunch Deal
at Black Dog


Available: Tuesday – Friday, 12-4pm 

Black Dog, Basement Affleck’s Palace, Corner Tib Street / Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PW