5,500 New Homes & 113-acre City Park set for Red Bank, North of Victoria

The area north of Victoria, Red Bank or the Green Quarter is set for major developments...

By Manchester's Finest | 20 July 2022

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As part of the ongoing £4bn Victoria North masterplan, a £52.6m development of 250 acres of the area around Red Bank has been approved by Manchester City Council.

The plans include some serious land works in the area, including remediation and levels, in the hope that this will lead to future developments in the area and further afield. It’s proposed that the Victoria North area can deliver 15,000 homes over the next 20 years.

One of the largest regeneration programmes the UK has ever seen, it’s hoped that the Victoria North project will transform the city, taking an area that is largely underused brownfield and unwelcoming scrub land and creating an attractive new, green neighbourhood.

As well as the 5,500 homes, the plans also include investment in new green spaces on the bank of the River Irk, along with improvements in St Catherine’s Wood. It seeks to build preliminary transport infrastructure, including facilitating a new permanent road and junction into the Red Bank neighbourhood, along with new drainage, street works and utilities infrastructure.

The creation of a new City River Park will eventually link the Red Bank area to Queens Park in Collyhurst through interconnected green spaces.