Alcohol-free bar returns to Kampus just in time for Dry January

Love From is returning to the bungalow

By Ben Arnold | 8 January 2024

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Manchester’s leading ‘alcohol-free bar’ is returning for another pop-up at Kampus, just in time for Dry January.

Though it’s Dry January all the time for Love From, they’ll open their doors again at the ‘bungalow’ on 10 January, following a successful stint last October.

There will also be a special opening party happening on 12 January, where they’ll be serving up drinks like the This Barbie Doesn’t Drink – their take on a Cosmopolitan, and the No Pornie, No Crime – their version of the Pornstar Martini.

Elsewhere, there will also be upcoming open mic nights, quiz nights, workshops and sober dating events too, while non-boozers will be able to order in pizza directly to their table from next door spot Nell’s.

Founder Karl Considine said: “Now is the perfect time to take a step back and reflect on your relationship with alcohol as an estimated 8.5 million of us will be going sober this month. 

Love From

“Whether you are cutting out completely, cutting back for a break or you’re already a nondrinker – everyone is welcome at Love From and I can’t wait to open our doors once again.”

Adam Higgins from developers Capital & Centric, which is behind Kampus, added: “There is never more of a time to focus on health and wellbeing than in January and with that, for many people comes giving up alcohol, whether just for the month or for longer. 

“Love From was a huge hit at Kampus last year, proving that there is a real appetite for alcohol free options. They flip the usual drinks menu on its head providing a massive choice of non-alcoholic drinks with some exciting flavour twists. 

“Karl has built a fantastic brand, which has great synergies with what we’re doing at Kampus – providing new, fresh options and being inclusive in everything we do.”