Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 1st - 7th May 2020

That's right - we're back after a rather prolonged absence. Sorry about that. Just because we're on lockdown though doesn't mean that we're not scoffing...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 15 May 2020

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Meat + Cheese Box Spanish Box
Abeja Tapas Bar
This week I received a gorgeous delivery from Abejula Spanish restaurant, located in Hatch. They’re offering these meat, cheese and wine boxes – and they’re the prefect remedy for the lockdown blues. You get to choose the cheeses, the meats (or veg if you don’t eat) and then get a bottle of red or white included too. This was quickly devoured in the garden in the sun – almost like we were in Spain. Almost. – Ciara Martin


‘Fake’ Koffee Pot
I have to set the scene for this one. Every year, my group of friends do a pub crawl on the first bank hol of May. Every year, we start off in Koffee Pot and move around the city getting respectively trollied before ending up in K2. Obviously we had to make this into a lockdown version, which meant doing our own greasy spoon breakfast. Some of us were organised enough to get our orders into the DIY kits, clearly I wasn’t. Still, it was great. – Alex Watson


Artisan Cheese Board
The Crafty Cheese Man
I got a delivery this week from the Crafty Cheese Man and it seriously made my week. Before he arrived I was cantankerous, hard to live with and generally a miserable old sod. As soon as his wondrous bag of cheesy delights arrived though – everything changed and I became a totally new person. The cheeses he sells are outstanding (he supplies Mana FFS!) and they’re perfect for a lovely lockdown treat. – Ben Brown


Homemade Espresso Martini
If you know anything about the girls who work at Finest, you’ll know we usually spend the evening in Alvarium. At least once a day, someone will message the group chat saying ‘I wish we were in Alvarium’. So I took to using their released Espresso Martini cocktail for a boozy zoom call for Finest’s very own, Charlotte Warrior. We’ll be reunited soon, Alvarium and it’ll be better than ever before. – Alex Watson


Home DIY Pizza Kit
Pizza Pilgrims
Knock knock. Who’s there? Delivery. What bloody delivery? Sir, can you just sign for this package so that I don’t have to stand here all day. I’m rather busy. Okay. Right, what have we got here then? A build-your-own pizza set from Pizza Pilgrims eh?! I must say – this was a BIG treat and ever so easy to make some of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Do the dough in a pan, pop our toppings on and then shove under the grill. Mega. – Ben Brown



GIY Grilled Cheese
Northern Soul Grilled Cheese
If you’ve been missing out on a dirty big old cheese toastie then luckily Northern Soul have created the Grill It Yourself package which I had the pleasure of making this week. It was easily cheese heaven and I definitely needed a nap immediately after. – Alex Watson


Henry Weston’s Dead Strong Cider
Stretford Food Hall
I’ve been drinking A LOT since we went on lockdown – as I’m sure many of you have also. I’ve been buying booze from the local offy, ALDI and even Quality Save – just to spread it out a little bit and not look like a proper alcoholic. Well, one of the best places for booze near me in Stretford is the Stretford Food Hall – and I bought this bottle of cider and supped it in seconds. Next time I’m gonna hit their extensive beer selection. – Ben Brown