The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 27th July - 2nd August 2019

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By Manchester's Finest | 2 August 2019

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Italia Pizza
Don Giovanni
I had the pleasure this week to pop down and try Don Giovanni’s Italia Pizza with 50% OFF (hello). Absolutely covered in parma ham, rocket and parmesan this is an absolute DELIGHT. A homage to the Italian Flag colours it’s pretty easy to forget you’re actually sat on Oxford Road. Of course, I added a whole load more parmesan shavings on the top because no pizza is complete without. – Rikki Chan


Caramelised Banana
Harvey Nichols
Harvey Nichols new summer market menu includes this delicious plate full of deliciousness. Caramelised and crunchy sugar-coated banana on a bed of dark chocolate and biscuit crumb served with the most refreshing coconut ice cream I’ve ever tasted. An absolute winner. Will be eating again. – Alex Watson


Cheddar Corn Fritters
The cheesy corn fritters are stacked with a load of extra crispy bacon, soft and zesty avocado, rocket two gloriously perfectly poached eggs (what else do you expect from one of Manchester’s best brunch spots?). Coated with lashings of sweet chilli and cucumber cop and a good drizzle of sour cream for a kick and refreshing sauce. – James Barker


As yet Untitled Tequila Cocktail
La Bandera
This week was a biggie down at La Bandera – they had a pretty serious competition to create some new cocktails for their menu and thus 3 of their bartenders each made 3 drinks for us to try. It must be said – some of them were pretty shite but there were a few little beauties in there – including this fantastic tequila number – which came loaded with Cointreau and Cava. Bloody lovely! – Ben Brown


Chicken Pitta 
Charcoal grilled extra succulent chicken shish, spiced to perfection by eastern market spice marinade. Served on a pitta made in house to order, with a huge refreshing salad. The pitta is huge, fresh and perfect for a lunch break from work, especially when you’re craving something with a kick. –  Ellie Edginton