The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 28th June - 5th July 2019

We've eaten too much and drunk too much. Standard.

By Manchester's Finest | 5 July 2019

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Beer Slushie
Beatnikz Republic 
What is summer without a slushy? Nothing. The guys down at Beatnikz have combined your childhood favourite thing with your adult favourite thing; slushy and beer. I tried their stout in the form of a frozen slushy and it was fantastic and simultaneously the weirdest beer I’ve ever had. Terrific. – Joe Wilson


Tomahawk Steak
The size of an actual hammer, KAI’s Tomahawk steak is enough to feed 4. There is truly nothing to complain about; 1200 gramms of prime steak cooked to perfection and served with all the trimmings. Going alongside tasty Turkish bread the juicy and succulent meat was the perfect dish to share and dig in. – Ellie Edginton


Hulk Smash
Crazy Pedro’s
If you’ve been keeping an eye on our socials, you know we went down to Crazy Pedro’s this week to shoot their new cocktail menu. It was mad. We smashed bottles, threw frozen margs all over the shop. But the Hulk Smash really stuck out. It’s bright green and immediately you want yo run a million miles away from it because almost everything in you tells you not to put something just that luminous in your body. But that little curious part of you always wins and you drink the tequila cocktail anyway. It is mental and without a doubt worth a try when you’re next down at Ped’s. – Alex Watson


Cheese & Branston Toastie
Frankie’s Toasties
There’s always a wide range of things that we have eaten or drunk this week – from a bag of chips at the chippy to a 19-course high end dinner – we go through a whole spectrum stuff each week. Well this toastie is certainly not on the high-end of the scale but I must admit that it was absolutely brilliant. Done in the old-school Breville way – the toasties at Frankie’s are no frills, comfort brilliance. This Branston and Cheese one was bloody lovely and was the perfect start to my week. Cheap too! – Ben Brown


Malted Coconut Ice Cream
Ginger’s Comfort Emporium
As if Manchester International Festival isn’t exciting enough – I went and had an ice cream there and was in heaven. Ginger’s always provide the icy goods but this Malted Coconut number is definitely a winner! Perfect for these clammy, warm days – get involved in the frozen goodness. – Jale Hardy