Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 6th - 12th July 2019

Including Kylie, MIF, Harry Potter and LOADS of beer!

By Ben Brown | 5 July 2019

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Festival Square
All Week
So MIF is officially open and ready and rearing to go. The actual events have all begun and people are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Yoko Ono has done a video and is well pleased with herself. The best bit? Festival Square – which is a new swanky name for Albert Square and is home to a packed program of FREE music gigs. This week sees DJ Paulette, Andrea Trout, DJ Yoda, the House Gospel Choir an plenty more hit the stage. Buckle up – it’s going to be a corker!


The Secret Garden @ Dunham Massey
Saturday 6th July
Based on the really old book, The Secret Garden, sees Mary Lennox on a journey of discovery as she is sent to her uncle’s house for the summer. There are mysteries and secrets everywhere. Follow her try to find her uncle’s secret garden. Probably not as sinister as it sounds. Probably. It’s taking place in Dunham Massey so get the picnic baskets and camping chairs out.

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DraigCon – A Harry Potter Convention Thing
Saturday 6th July
It’s my birthday today and I’m not going to lie – I’m a little bit tipsy. I drank too much last night and the brilliant effects of alcohol have yet to wear off. The little glass of gin next to my computer isn’t helping either. Anyway, there is no real reason why I’m telling you this – it’s got nothing at all to do with Harry Potter or The Printworks. Basically there’s a massive HP convention this weekend so if you’re a fan of wizards and goblins and magic wands and that – this is the place to be!

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All Week
Another MIF event this time sees the one and only IDRIS ELBA bringing a mash-up of drama, music and dance following the journey of a man in contemporary South Africa. The music is inspired by Elba’s album and there’s even the guy from How to Get Away with Murder and Kwame Kwei-Armah. BIG old line up. Get involved.

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Niamos Bazaar – July Market
Sunday 7th July
Everyone loves a market and this weekend sees the brilliant Niamos in Hulme host another Bazaar – jam-packed with vintage clothes, bespoke jewellery, exotic gifts and weird trinkets. I suspect this is the kind of place that you’d find that elusive Pokémon card binder that you’ve always wanted or indeed that Star Wars Tazo set that will make you a fortune on eBay. Oh yeah – there’s live music on too so you can dance while rooting through boxes of tat.

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The Nico Project
From Wednesday 10th July
MIF well and truly kicked off with a weird and wonderful event from Yoko Ono and the fun doesn’t stop there. Starting on Wednesday and running all week, The Nico Project celebrates Nico’s1968 album The Marble Index that is now regarded as one of the defining pieces of 60s culture. Music is by acclaimed composer Anna Clyne with musicians from RNCM.

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Kylie at Castlefield Bowl
Thursday 11th July
What would you like to know? Kylie Minogue – the little Aussie firecracker is coming to town this week and she’ll be singing all her hits such as Locomotion, Especially For you and Better The Devil You Know. Kylie. Fucking Kylie. Here’s some tunes…


KISS @ Manchester Arena
Friday 12th July
If you’re looking to watch 4 geriatric blokes, covered in makeup and singing about their penises – you’re in for a good bit of luck this week. That’s right – KISS are heading to the Nynex Arena on Friday playing all the hits such as ‘Love Gun’, ‘Lick It Up’ and ‘I Have a Bog Standard Penis in My Tight Trousers’. It’ll be rock and roll through and through although I also expect a fair whack of old fellas pissing about with air guitars too.

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