Breakout’s Town Hall venue set to close, but something exciting is around the corner…

It's your last chance to play your favourite games before Breakout’s Town Hall location closes next week.

By Manchester's Finest | 26 February 2019

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Opened in May 2014, Breakout’s first Manchester site situated on Brazennose Street near the Town Hall is home to the five original breakout games.

We are sure sad to wave goodbye to the venue which will close its doors on Wednesday 1st May, but you have to hang in there because word on the grapevine is something even more exciting is coming your way.

In the meantime, you HAVE to get down to the Town Hall venue and play these five fantastic games before they disappear. Naturally, the High Street Venue will be open as normal.

As for the games, you have lots to choose from…

THE DETECTIVE OFFICE allows you to play Sherlock Holmes and get to the bottom of a suspicious murder where you are framed as the killer. Solve the murder and escape the room in just 60 minutes.

VIRUS, on the other hand, has some serious 28 Days Later Vibes. The premise of this game is to slow down the outbreak of a deadly virus that threatens the whole of mankind. Can you find a cure before it is too late?

MADCHESTER has you as a robber who picked the wrong target sees you trapped inside the bedroom of a Manchester fanatic and collector.

INFILTRATE will have you feeling like you are in Prison Break. Your friend has been wrongly imprisoned and it is your job to break into the prison and set them free. You will have one hour while the warden is on his lunch break and you must find his swipe card or you will all be incarcerated!

One of the most exciting (and difficult) games that Breakout has ever come up with is SABOTAGE. The aim of this game is to get down behind enemy lines and stop a catastrophic missile strike – everyone wants to be a spy for an hour, right?

It is a massive shame that these five fantastic rooms will be closed on Wednesday 1st May, but that means that you still have time to get booked in and try these rooms before they close.

Watch this space for more details on what’s to come. Spoiler – you’re going to love it! 

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