Calling True Crime Nuts! Can You Breakout this Bloodstained Basement?

We are living in a world which is currently obsessed with true crime and we've found something that would tickle any Murderino's fancy in the heart of the NQ. 

By Manchester's Finest | 28 June 2019

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Tales of sadistic killers, cannibals and kidnappers are more popular than ever thanks to documentaries, podcasts and books which a good chunk of the population have their ears and eyes glued to at all times.

Where this interest has come from – we are not quite sure, but one thing it certainly indicates is a love for the macabre.

If you are one of these people who know your Brady from your Bundy and love to be scared shitless, we think we might just have found the perfect activity for you.

Captured is the third room at Breakout’s BRAND NEW Northern Quarter Venue on Church Street and it will push all your true crime-loving buttons by putting you in the role of the victim. Hopefully, all your knowledge will come in handy…

So let’s set the scene. If you haven’t been to Breakout before, it is a fabulous escape room experience which tells you a story and locks you in a room. It is then up to you and your team to transverse all the various clues to find locks, answer puzzles and eventually get out.

The story of Captured is as follows: Imagine you are leading a normal life, going about your daily business and the next second it all goes black. You’ve been captured. You wake up, bleary-eyed and confused in a cold, dark basement and you have no idea how you got there.

You start to panic, and before you can fully understand what is happening a video begins to play and a clock begins to count down. You have 60 minutes to escape and it is time to play a game…

Captured has serious Saw vibes – so if you love horror or just want to see how good you would be at escaping such a terrifying situation, you should book into play this game of Breakout ASAP.

This game has a difficulty rating of four stars which means it is perfect for those of you who have played Breakout before. Please bear in mind if you are easily scared this might not be the game for you.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to Breakout from the serial killer’s basement?

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