Camelot Theme Park is RE-OPENING (with added Zombies)!

The old much loved theme park is being re-opened this February...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 18 January 2022

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I’m sure that most of you have some rather fond memories of Camelot, the old medieval theme park just near Preston which closed for good back in 2012.

Back in the day it was a theme park that rivalled even the biggest and most exciting spots in the UK, leaving Alton Towers in the dust and making Chessington World of Adventures look like a tame ride on the teacups at the fair.

There was jousting, some death-defying rollercoasters and a particularly strange dragon ride that traversed every nook and cranny through the whole park.

Well, after 10 derelict years, Camelot is BACK but this time there’s a lot more zombies! ‘Camelot Rises’ is Camelot, but not as you know it:

“Something deadly has destroyed the legendary world of Camelot and it’s now overrun with zombies hungry for human flesh. As the army struggle to keep control of the area, it’s time to see if you can survive this gruesome night of post-apocalyptic horror.”

This is set to be a fully immersive, interactive zombie experience, that also features delicious food and drink to devour, and some of the greatest (and scariest) zombie films ever made.

There’s such classics as 28 Days Later, The Crazies, Evil Dead, REC, I Am Legend and the absolutely fantastic Train to Busan, amongst many others.

Essentially you’ve got a packed schedule of drive-in zombie movies on offer, alongside a truly interactive zombie experience that features live actors (looking to tear you limb from limb), terrifying lights, sounds and so much more.

A little note from the organisers: This event is not for the faint of heart. There will be flashing lights, loud noises, smoke, fake gore, zombie attacks, and much more.


‘Camelot Rises’ Immersive Zombie Experience

Dates: From Saturday 5th February

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