Can you Escape Breakout's Festive Room and Save Santa?

It's time to get extra festive with Breakout's Christmas themed room!

By Alex Watson | 13 December 2019

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The premise of this game is simple, Christmas cheer is at an all-time low. Be that because of a shit storm of an election that’s been planned just weeks before Christmas or maybe everyone’s just secretly the Grinch.

Either way, Christmas cheer has plummeted into the deep dark depths of what can only be described as hell. 

Combine that with the fact that Santa has gone missing and that he never replied to your letter, 2019 is set to be the worst Christmas ever. 

Not to worry though, a world-famous detective is on the case at finding Santa. But, you being you (Mr Know-It-All), have taken it upon yourself to save Christmas, you bob down to the detective’s office to see how you can help out. But once you’re there, the detective is nowhere to be seen either. 

The door shuts behind you, locking you inside. Some might say it’s a nightmare before Christmas. Funny how these things work out isn’t it? You know by now, you’ve got 60 minutes to get out.

Filled with secret Christmassy clues, puzzles, riddles and even a Christmas song or two that you need to piece together to ultimately save Christmas.

This room sees a detective office complete with magnifying glasses, torches, typewriters and everything else detectives use all with a little sprinkling of Christmas. Expect Christmas trees, presents, Christmas lights and plenty of other festive delights.

Marked as a 3-star room, it’s Christmassy, simple and family-friendly festive fun. There’s even a welcomed addition of an augmented reality section. I’ve never seen such a thing in Breakout before but I absolutely want to see it again. It makes you live out your Spy Kid dreams.

The guys at Breakout give you a Santa hat before you head in and to really get you in the festive spirit, Christmas music plays throughout your game. And if all that wasn’t enough the sound you’re listening out for a clue from the Breakout Elves is ‘Ho Ho Ho’. 

The best bit about this room is, of course, the Christmas theme. It’s the best time of the year and as an avid Breakout fan, combining these two big loves of my life is simply fantastic. 

Perfect for kids to get them in the festive spirit! I’ve no idea when they break up from school because there are fortunately no kids in my life but this will keep them busy for at least an hour. Unless they don’t get out I s’pose. 

We had over 15 minutes left when we got out of this room. In fact, thinking about it that might have just smashed my record into tiny little bits of tinsel. 

Christmas Chaos is open NOW until the end of December. 


Christmas Chaos

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