The Most Challenging (& Crazy) Race is Coming to Manchester. Reckon You Can Win?

The Drop leaves you stranded, 15 miles away from the city centre with no phone. All you have to do is get back.

By Alex Watson | 10 September 2019

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The idea behind ‘The Drop’ is simple. You head to a meeting point, they shove you on a bus and you head 15 miles outside of town. You don’t know what direction and you don’t have anyone to help you.

Once you’re at the meeting point, you have to wave goodbye to Instagram and lock up all your electronics, including phones, watches and anything else that has GPS on it.

That’s not all though, you’ve gotta give up your money too. Everything is put in sealable bags that absolutely must not be broken or you’re disqualified.

Next, you’re blindfolded, put in a bus and driven 15 miles away. Once you’ve reached the distance you’re allowed out, blindfolds off. All you have to do is get back to the event centre in Manchester.

You can run, walk or crawl but you are entirely self-sufficient the moment you step out the bus. You get a maximum of 6.5 hours and there is absolutely no support through the event. As in NONE.

There’s no water stations and no toilets and no sweeper vehicle. I can’t stress this enough you are completely on your own throughout the whole thing.

Also, don’t even think about getting injured, if you so much as go in your emergency kit bag you are DISQUALIFIED. 

There are no clues on what to wear or what the terrain might be like because you decide which route you want to take.

No Map
No Route
No Help
No Compass 

This event is seriously not for the faint-hearted and sounds absolutely savage. Sign me up. 


The Drop Manchester

When: 12th October 2019 
Where: Up & Running Manchester, 133 Deansgate, M3 3WR
Cost: £30 per person

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