Chef Simon Wood sets out to "show what £30 worth of food from a supermarket SHOULD look like"

The chef has joined forces with Manchester-based communications agency with #FEEDINGFAMILIESFOR30

By Ben Brown | 19 January 2021

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Joining forces with acclaimed MasterChef champion, Simon Wood, the team at specialist communications agency – Down At The Social have launched the #FEEDINGFAMILIESFOR30 initiative, to showcase what £30 worth of food from a supermarket should look like, compared to the free school meal parcels provided by the government.

#FEEDINGFAMILIESFOR30 invites individuals to show what £30 of food really looks like when done properly, buying dried goods, tinned produce and essentials from a supermarket of their choice, taking a picture and using the hashtag, before donating the goods to a local food bank.

Simon Wood is also creating a series of quick and tasty recipes using dried goods and tinned produce, to offer inspiration to families when cooking at home.

The free school meal parcels provided by the government have caused significant uproar this week, after images of them appeared online.

Inspired by the incredible work of footballer, Marcus Rashford, Down At The Social and Simon Wood want to compel the government to do better in this challenging time.

Daisy Whitehouse, MD of Down at the Social said; “It was shocking to watch this story unfold on Twitter. It shows how distanced from the real struggles of real people our government are and very much feels like very little effort went into the free lunches. Cutting up fresh veg will ruin it in no time and our children should be treated with a lot more consideration than they were by these providers.

“A £30 food box should be a £30 food box and you can buy a lot of decent food for £30. We are asking so much of our kids right now, the least we can do is feed them properly. With this in mind, after speaking to my friend, John Magee, Centre Manager at Princes Quay in Hull, we’ve all pulled together as a team to create the #FeedingFamiliesFor30 initiative.

“I also want to flag that we would expect the government’s boxes to have fresh produce in but as we didn’t want to encourage people to create waste, and food banks won’t take fresh produce we felt that it was better to keep our pictures of food that will last.”

Simon Wood added: “This is an issue that we must all get behind to ensure that vulnerable children do not go without. We’ve all been in awe of Marcus Rashford and his ongoing fight to feed children across the UK and we hope that this initiative will provide them with further support.”

“I’ve created these recipes to be really quick and easy, using just basic ingredients, something which parents can easily whip up at home.”