COMING SOON: A Purpose-built Cookery School & Foodie Event Space on Deansgate Square

Food Sorcery is coming to the city centre, and, no… it isn't a masterclass in how to make food fly.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 20 May 2022

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Deansgate Square is slowly becoming quite the place to be, with a plethora of posh drinking and dining premises popping up next to the New York style apartments that tower high over the city’s skyline. 

If you’re one of the people that enjoys a swift cocktail at ATOMECA, the European drinkery and eatery that sits in the square overlooking the River Medlock, or maybe a spot of lunch at Mule, have you ever wanted to put your culinary skills to the test yourself?

If you answered yes to the above question, you’re in luck, as Food Sorcery will be coming to the Square next year. 

Originally opened in 2016, Food Sorcery is a purpose-built cookery school and foodie event space currently residing in Didsbury, with its light and airy kitchen complete with a balcony and views of the River Mersey. 

Alongside a specialism of innovative team building events, the team at Food Sorcery provide a wide variety of experiences including hands-on cookery classes, parent and children classes, coffee lovers classes and ‘Cooking Together‘ – Food Sorcery’s own unique twist on going out for dinner where learning and eating out blend into an exciting and uniquely sociable evening.

The classes aim to make people more creative and confident in the kitchen, offering diverse programmes to suit amateurs to even the most seasoned chefs. Specialities range from Vietnamese style cooking, to Italian classes and Thai flavours, and the school has a busy calendar with events tailored to specific times of year, too.

The school gathers all of its produce locally from the surrounding Didsbury village, including its meat, veg and coffee, which is supplied by Manchester-based coffee specialists, Worker Bee. 

When Food Sorcery opens its doors on Deansgate Square, there’s no doubt it’ll continue its tradition of championing local produce from some of the city centre’s best independent suppliers. 

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