Developing Manchester: Piccadilly Place

We spoke with Alex Russell of Property Alliance Group about the development of Piccadilly Place, and those lamps!

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 2 August 2018

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Property Alliance Group are a Manchester based development and asset management firm, this basically means they facilitate the development of spaces, in this case Piccadilly Place and then manage those spaces. Piccadilly Place has sat alongside Piccadilly Station for over a decade and whilst you may not be able to picture it immediately you will no doubt know their bridge that juts off from station approach towards Canal St.

In recent years the piazza area just after the bridge had fallen by the way side, grey and wet with no real signs of life. Property Alliance decided to do something about it, and do something they did.

5 giant lamps all with a unique story based around the history of Manchester now adorn the piazza, greenery and seating has brought the likes of Black Sheep Coffee and Simply Fresh to the square transforming into a real place to be.

In our interview with Alex Russell we chat about placemaking for commercial spaces, how the public benefits and ultimately everybody wins.