Don't Miss the FINAL weekend of SICK Festival!

The weekend is full of performances from international artists and plenty of workshops to get involved with

By Alex Watson | 4 October 2019

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There are 4 final shows to get involved with before SICK Festival 2019 finishes for the year….

Wild Life FM

The gig-play mashup is everything you can’t expect. Comprised of 9 young musicians from London and Manchester, this new performance with director Pol Heyveart and performance artist Kim Noble is an honest and raw exposition of what it’s like to be young today. Because none of us have the foggiest what it’s like to be 11 and have Snapchat. Sounds terrifying.

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Body of Knowledge

This is a powerful meditation on age and change, with teenagers calling into the theatre on their mobiles. Teens from across Manchester and beyond will ask the audience all sorts, from sex to death and ageing to shame. Expect a shocking and challenging experience, exploring how we pay attention to our own bodies and other peoples.

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Takeover Workshops

Taking over the legendary NIAMOS Centre with host of events giving young people in the city a voice. The 2 day event will offer a series of creative workshops exploring what makes life worth living these days and evenings filled with performance, installations and workshops.

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Takeover Party

A vibrant and packed evening of performances, spoken word, music and immersive experience by, for and about young people. The party sees young artists, muscian and performances from across the UK confronting the recent YouGov statistic that 18% of young people in the UK believe ‘life is not really worth living’. The blow-out evening will feature creative projects by Peshkar, Young Rapar, Reform Radio, Amy Vreeke and many many more!

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