We Made a Five Course Tasting Menu from Home with this Kit from WOOD

A fun 5* dining alternative date night idea, from the comfort of your own home!

By Ciara Martin | 29 September 2020

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Fancy cooking like a true master-chef without requiring ANY knowledge or skills – look no further! The perfect task for a show-off like me.

The WOOD at Home Five Course Tasting Menu is the true restaurant experience from start to finish. Offering a series of small dishes which capture a range of flavours and textures, each course provides an exciting journey and a whole lotta fun!

I can’t lie, I was a little scared when I saw the words five courses, but when I realised this was basically just heating and plating up our Simon’s (the Masterchef champion himself) pre-made creations, I chilled out a bit.

The box includes several ingredients for each dish which have undergone different processes to produce the items that you have to assemble for the final dishes – still with me?

They each come with a set of ingredients which are super easy to follow, plus his team is on hand for if you’re unsure on anything – win-win!

Now, this was date night after a wine so please, no judgement on the plating skills…

To start we enjoyed the DELICIOUS Salt Baked Celeriac with Chamomile, Artichoke and Golden Raisin.

This was one of the easier and most delicious dishes to plate up. A little sautéing was required for the salt-baked celeriac but this came pre-diced in a cute little tub ready to be whacked into the pan with some foaming butter.

After draining the celeriac, all you had to do was squeeze half the tiny bottles of celeriac puree and golden raisin onto each plate (the plates and bowls come with the box – how cute!) and spoon the diced celeriac over the purees!

Topped off with the sweet golden raisins and crunchy artichoke crumb, this dish was up there with one of my favourites.

Now I’m not sure if we did these in the correct order, but it all went down a treat either way. Next up we tried the Roscoff Onion and Godminster Cheese Agnolotti (posh cheese and onion pasta to you and me!)

This was super tangy and sharp and I actually started to feel full off just two courses.

Only two pans required, one to warm through the sweet onion consommé and one to simmer the pasta in for 3 minutes. Once placed into the bowls, we added a few drops of the onion oil into each bowl for that added kick, I’m not sure what makes it bright green.

I wasn’t ready for what came next, now this was fit. Cornish Crab CRUMPETS with Avocado & Elder – YUM!

This dish came with brown crab butter, a little tub of fresh white crab and a bottle of avocado and elderflower creme fraiche.

The crumpets came boxed up with dollops of the crab butter on top which were placed in the oven for a quick 90 seconds to warm through. Topped with the crab meat and the stunning avocado/elderflower concoction, this was a proper treat.

Next up was the main event and where I think you really get your money’s worth, Fillet Steak with Osso Bucco Ragu & Tomato.

Lovingly pre-packed, the generous 6oz Beef Fillet was enough for 2 and more, considering this was a taster menu.

A little chopping and cooking required, the tomato was cut in half horizontally and we scooped out the insides to make tiny tomato bowls.

We cooked the steak to our liking and let it rest whilst we spooned the pre-made osso bucco into the concasse tomato.

Served with a side of tangy tomato sauce and a sprinkle of basil powder, this dish was truly delicious and worth every penny!

Surprisingly, we were feeling pretty stuffed by this point, but there’s ALWAYS room for pud (especially a 2020 MICHELIN Guide recommended pud – am I right?)

To seal the deal, we enjoyed the pre-packed ‘The After Eight’. You know it’s good when it’s got ‘The’ in front of it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how nice these were. Two After Eight Chocolate flavoured demi spheres with a mint chocolate tuile.

The instructions recommended that you enjoy these with any ice cream of your choice but we didn’t have any, so it just went straight down the hole in one. Romantic.

SO much fun and super relaxing, the WOOD At Home experience is my absolute new favourite thing to do.

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