The Finest Team's Favourite Vegan Dishes in Manchester

It's World Vegan Day coming up and what better way to celebrate than pick our best vegan dishes available in Manchester?!

By Alex Watson | 29 October 2019

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None of us in the Finest office are vegan (yet), but for World Vegan Day we have all picked our favourite vegan offerings in the city for you to give a try…

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Alex Watson – Content
Shiitake Bacon Muffin @ The Allotment Vegan Eatery

It would be rude to do not include Allotment in this list now, wouldn’t it? Their brunch menu is full of a list of foods that at first glance you’d think I was twisting your arm that it’s vegan. I mean, bacon? Yoghurt? Pancakes? Sausages? Honestly it blows my mind how inventive vegan food is. This Shiitake Bacon Muffin is served with lashings of potato ‘brown sauce’ bhaji.

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James Barker – Director
Raghda Pethis @ Bundobust

Everything on the menu at Bundobust is vegetarian but there’s only a select few that are actually vegan – with this beauty being our absolute favourite. Of course, the Bhel Puri (£4.50) is excellent, but this fusion of India and the North of England is fantastic, and perfectly encapsulates exactly what Bundobust are about. It’s a spicy mushy peas & potato cake, topped with turmeric noodles, tomato, onion & a tangy tamarind chutney.

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Ellie Edginton – Social Media Manager
Spiced Beet Burger @
Revolucion de Cuba
Few things in life are better than a whopping great big burger, piled high with loads of tasty fillings, that burst out and drip all down your chin. Revolucion de Cuba have mastered a deliciously meaty VEGAN burger. Made from beetroot, coriander and mint the burger is flavourful and earthy. Topped with lettuce, tomato, guacamole, white bean purée and pickled onions. Served in a wholemeal bun with plenty of skinny and crispy fries.

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Damon Stead – Videographer
Grilled Tenderstem Broccoli Kebab @ BAB

For somewhere that offers an impressive range of meats in their kebabs, BAB also offer a couple of really rather excellent vegan dishes – of which the best is certainly the Grilled Tenderstem Broccoli (£9.50) one. Their in-house made bread is topped with hummus, pickled tomatoes, pistachio dukkah, sunblushed tomatoes and harissa paste. It’s amazing.

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India Morris – Business Development
Pumpkin Spiced Mac n’ Cheese @ Alvarium
The Northern Quarter’s latest vegan addition on a small lane just off Tib Street. Has recently launched a brand new sandwich menu. The absolutely stand out from the new menu includes something which might just be the best thing for winter. Pumpkin Spiced Mac and Cheese (vegan of course), served on a crust bread that’s doughy in the middle and stuffed full to bursting with tender stem broccoli, toasted almonds and a squash slaw.

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Joe Wilson – Head of Video
Giuseppe’s no Sloppy, He’s Vegan @ Crazy Pedro’s

The infamous Pizza Express Sloppy Giuseppe but this time VEGAN. It’s stacked up with lashings of hot chilli (not) beef, green pepper, onions, Jalapeños and plenty of stringy vegan cheese. It’s a way of getting your pizza fix without any of the bad stuff. And what’s better, this is the perfect place to wash down all that health with 15 gin and tonics. Terrific.

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Petr Kaiser – Social Media Manager
The Vegan Introduction @ The Refuge

It’s undeniable that the worst thing about eating out is reading the menu and deciding what to eat. That’s why I always hand over the decision of what I’m going to eat to someone else. What I love is when a menu has a big old platter on offer. That’s exactly where the Vegan Introduction comes in. A mash up of all their favourite vegan dishes including Portobello mushrooms, curried sweet potato and daal makhani all in one place. Here’s the clincher, you even get a carafe of vegan wine to wash it all down with.

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Ben Brown – Content
The Beyond Meat Vegan Burger @ Cane & Grain

The world’s first plant-based burger, Beyond Meat, that is basically everything like a burger, including how it looks and how it cooks without containing a drop of beef. Cane & Grain is the perfect place to go with all your non-vegan friends and get some delicious meaty dishes so this burger is a welcome surprise to anyone expecting to just end up eating a bean burger. Some people have said that it’s better than the meat version – but that’s a VERY bold statement that requires months of rigorous testing to prove.

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Image result for fish and chips deaf institute

Rikki Chan – Photographer
Fish & Chips @ The Deaf Institute

What astonishes me the most about this is the sheer creativity surrounding it. Who ever first came up with this is mad or a genius. How the hell they found out that banana blossom would work as a fish alternative when infused with kelp. Not forgetting the staple beer batter, mushy peas and a vegan tartare sauce.

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Steven Pankhurst – Director
Salt & Pepper Tofu Bao @ Cottonopolis

Deep fry anything and I’m sold. Put in a Bao bun and I’m putty in your hands. That’s exactly what Cottonopolis have done, covering tofu in salt and pepper, deep frying it topping with cucumber and spring onion all wrapped up in a fluffy little cloud. Go all out and get the full Bento Box stuffed with the added extra of Veggie Tempura, Asparagus Yaki, Avocado, broccoli and red pepper Maki Roll.

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James Barker – Director
Triple-6 Vegan Burger @ Firebird Hope

The title doesn’t give you much but the picture tells you it’s delicious. If you stare at it for long enough you’ll be able to taste the crunchiness. Coated with a delicious Koji mayo, plenty of crunchy house slaw and pickles all served in a crispy sourdough bun. Lucky news for everyone is their recent announcement of opening up in the Arndale Market – hello fabulous new lunches.

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Jake Hardy – Videographer
Spaghetti Ross Alla Barbabietola @
Don Giovanni
I’m not entirely sure how Don Giovanni manage to create vegan pasta but they do and I’m perfectly fine with just letting them do their thing – especially when it tastes this good! When this linguine comes to your table it’ll certainly cause a stir – it’s bright bloody pink – due to the fantastic beetroot pesto that they stir in. Finally, they top it all off with pistachios and a lovely rosemary dressing. A great vegan twist on an Italian classic.

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Charlotte Warrior – Social Media Strategist
Bottomless Vegan Brunch @ Black Dog
They have a really, really good Bottomless Brunch over at Black Dog, which is not only a decent price but the food is brilliant. Their new menu features four great vegan options including a Vegan Full English and even Vegan Chicken & Waffles. It’s hard to choose the best though, so whichever you choose you’ll be well happy. Especially considering you get Bottomless Booze for 2 hours, and all for just £25.

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