The FIRST cheesemongers opens in Manchester's Trafford Centre

I thought about filling this article with some cheesy puns. But then I realised, no one needs that. Cheese is cheesy enough. 

By Alex Watson | 28 June 2019

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And if you’re a fan of cheese you will be bloody excited about the new cheesemongers, The Chuckling Cheese Company, opening up right in Trafford Centre. (Thinking about it, I really could’ve rolled with ‘chuckling’ ‘cheese’ puns, I’ve made a mistake.) 

There are over 37 different, luxury artisan cheeses to try at the new stall in the shopping centre. From a hot and spicy cheddar to a lusciously sweet limoncello. 

There’s cheese for everyone, every day, for every occasion. Even a tiered WEDDING CAKE. Which sounds like the kinda wedding I wanna go to.  

They have all the accompaniments for a spectacular cheese night including amazing chutneys and drinks that can all be perfectly paired.

There’s the Nibble Nose Cheese Collection which takes the difficulty away of making any sort of decisions, giving you a good selection, including their most unusual cheese to date, Charcoal Cheese.

Just one pun?

….You’d be crackers to miss out on this one, so brie there. 

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The Chuckling Cheese Company, Ground Floor, The Trafford Centre