Horror has a new home beneath a skate shop in the Northern Quarter

The weather seems to be taking a turn for the worse again so what better thing to do than to voluntarily lock yourself in a room for 60 minutes with some of those folks you call friends? 

By Alex Watson | 9 July 2019

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Church Street’s newest addition, Breakout, has been open for a few weeks now with 3 terrifying rooms hidden deep inside the subterranean location. We thought we’d give you the low down on what each one was all about…

The three rooms in the new location; Cursed Carnival, Vacancy B and Captured B have 3-4 star ratings. If you’re an absolute novice and have no idea what I’m talking about, then Cursed Carnival is for you.

The Cursed Carnival

The aim of the Cursed Carnival (***) is to find a creepy doll that’s somehow found it’s way to you during a circus tour. You get 60 minutes to find it using loads of clues, locks and riddles that lead you to another clue, to another door, to another clue so eventually you can get out. Unless you don’t get out that is.  

As a seasoned Breakout professional, I must admit that I found Cursed Carnival relatively easy, with clues that are pretty lucid once you figure out all the main bits. Read how I really got on and maybe get yourself some sneaky clues here

Vacancy B & Captured B

Vacancy B and Captured B are both 4-star rooms and therefore somewhat similar in difficulty. There’s a hell of a lot of added pressure in Captured though because the room is terrifyingly decorated. Think Saw vibes.

Vacancy B is not as scary, it’s just a hotel room… or is it?

You run out of petrol on your road trip through the woods and the only place to stay nearby is Crimson Lake Motel and nothing in your body tells you that this is a good idea. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not.

Next time you’re stuck in the woods and the only place to go is called Crimson Lake Motel – run the other way or you’ll never check out… 

Each packing a 4 star rating, these two rooms are slightly more difficult than the Cursed Carnival – with more logical and fiendishly difficult tasks in front of you.

It should also be said that these games are still actually pretty accessible for everyone – where even your most useless mate / uncle knob head will find something helpful to do. 

All 3 new rooms are now open and ready to be tackled. What are you waiting for?

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