The Indian Tiffin Lunch Boxes delivered straight to your office!

Their Tiffin Box menu is now available to take away or you can get them delivered directly to your office - so you won't even need to leave your desk.

By Alex Watson | 11 July 2019

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The tiffin box began in the late 1800s traditionally comprised of 3 delicious layers. The boxes would be delivered by carriers called Dabbawalla’s every morning to their work.

The tiffin system has remained the same for years, Dabbawalla’s are committed to their jobs and continue with their service uninterrupted even in monsoon season. The process has evolved without the use of technology but is extraordinarily well practised with rumours of as little as 1 mistake in every 6 million deliveries. 

The tiffin box symbolises how important good food is, particularly for busy little worker bees. That’s why Zouk has given you the opportunity to escape the workplace whilst still sat right at your desk. 

The tiffin boxes include a starter, two curries, rice and naan bread. Each day has a different menu and is inclusive of vegetarian and meat options. There’s also the lighter option of something from the grill and even a vegan tiffin box. 

That’s everyone in the office covered with a delicious Indian dinner.

All you have to do is ring up and order at least 10 tiffin boxes for the office and Zouk’s very own Dabbawalas will whip the order to any offices in the city centre! It’s a no brainer for a Friday treat for the office. 


Tiffin Boxes from Zouk 

Available: Monday – Friday 12pm – 4pm 
More information:
Call 0161 233 1090 to order

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