The Most Instagrammable Streets in Manchester

With a city as pretty as ours, your Instagram is probably already overloaded - but there's always room for more!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 3 May 2021

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Faulkner Street, Chinatown
There are two sides to Chinatown – both of which are perfect for Instagram. First of all, there’s the bit that they want everyone to see – the neon, the archway, the bustling supermarkets and the excellent restaurants. All great fodder for likes. Then there’s the back streets of Chinatown – the dingy, dirty little roads which just look great when viewed through a filter. Go for both.

Mangle Street, Northern Quarter
Every street in the Northern Quarter is worthy of a like or two on Instagram. Some of the most beautiful graffiti covered buildings amongst tenement style staircases, your followers will think you’re in Berlin or at least New York. The ever-changing graffiti spots on Stevenson Square are particularly noteworthy, as is the brilliant Mangle Street – located just off Dale Street and home to a famous Peaky Blinders episode featuring Tommy Shelby kicking the shit out of Adrian Brody.

Castle Street, Castlefield
Where the industrial history of the city meets the illustrious new skyscrapers and of course, Beetham Tower in the background. It’s impossible not to get a few Instagram stories worth of snaps down at Castlefield, with all the water, the cobbles, the history and everything else in-between. Castle Street is perfect, and anyone who hasn’t got a pic on their Insta here cannot be classified as a true Manc!

Canal Street
Whether it’s glittering night lights or some bevvies by the canal, Canal Street has got to be one of the most Instagrammable streets in Manchester. Even on a sunny Tuesday it feels cosmopolitan and full of life, with bars welcoming everyone and anyone with open arms. Okay, so those glass ‘safety barriers’ along the canal have ruined it somewhat, but it’s still a great place to get some snaps (and have an ace time).

Anita Street
Arguably one the most iconic streets in Manchester, Anita Street was formerly known as ‘Sanitary Street’ and was the very first of its kind in the city. Slap-bang in the middle of the highly industrious Ancoats, Anita Street was the first to offer running water and sinks – providing a much-needed change of direction in the city’s housing planning that was killing thousands. Today it’s a pretty testament to these changing times.

Tib Street
One of the most well-known streets in the city, Tib Street runs right alongside some of Manchester’s most iconic buildings and area, as well as playing host to some of the best graffiti you’re likely to find anywhere. Check out (and Instagram) the famous tile murals on the outside walls of Affleck’s, get a picture next to the (current) Tony Wilson graffiti on that electric box or just take a few snaps down the length of this lovely little strip of hustle and bustle.

Hacienda Mural
Walk along the canal down the back of the Hacienda Apartments, (admittedly during the day time is better – watch out for the Pusher!) and you’ll find a mural that timelines many of the most iconic shows from the Hacienda. You’ll feel so nostalgic that you’ll wish it wasn’t apartments now or that you at least lived in them.

Cotton Street, Ancoats
One of the prettiest little squares in Ancoats that comes complete with a beautiful old church that makes you feel like you could be somewhere in Eastern Europe. Now one of the city’s busiest and coolest new squares, the square is home to the likes of Rudy’s, Seven Brothers, The Jayne Eyre and loads more – perfect for getting yourself some extra likes.

Lloyd Street
That little street that passes down the middle of the Town Hall and the Town Hall Extension, Lloyd Street provides a stunning backdrop for your pics – as it evokes the kind of street you may find down near Oxford University – compete with bridge overhead and old stonework all around you. Stick it on Instagram.

New Islington
Cross bridges, canals and locks are everywhere around the area of New Islington – and if you’re a bit rough after a night out it’s easy to think that you might be in some other European city altogether – like Prague or even Bruges! The whole area is damn pretty, and there’s even that dog at Pollen to get a picture of if you’re really chasing the Insta likes.