We interview Kyle Walker – The BBC Radio Manchester radio presenter with young people in mind

Last week we spoke with the charming Kyle Walker; the mind behind BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘The Dead Good Show’ which focuses on addressing topical issues affecting young people in Manchester right now. 

By Manchester's Finest | 19 February 2019

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One of Radio Manchester’s new evening presenters is 26 year old Kyle Walker who is originally from Fallowfield. We had a chat with Kyle about his show, his music and how he’s seen Manchester change over the years.

Tell me about your show on BBC Radio Manchester? How do you aim it towards young people?

My show on BBC Radio Manchester is on Thursday evenings between 7 pm – 10 pm. Every week we have 3 of the self-proclaimed coolest young people (which we say as a bit of a joke) from in and around Manchester.

We break down issues and topics that have come up in the past week and add a young person’s perspective to that topic. I like to get the posse to be open and honest and share their thoughts and opinions on what we’re discussing but at the same time always make sure we keep it fun and entertaining.


Tell me about the name of the show – where did it come from?
So the show is called ‘The Dead Good Show’ which plays into local slang because this is a term that I think a lot of people from Manchester use (even if they don’t know they’re doing it). If someone asks me, how’s your day been?  “Dead good”, What’s that sandwich like? “Dead good”. It’s a term we all use and something we can relate to- so I thought it was a great name for the show!

What music do you like to play?
The music we play reflects the audience we want to reach, we play music that’s from the ‘Millennial’ generation, so that could be from the 80’s all the way up to 2019! There are some absolute classics and some new songs as well.

From 7pm and 9pm we have topics that we’ve picked (and some that the posse want to discuss) and a lot of that time is us talking and sharing our thoughts and then from 9pm – 10pm  it’s much more music based so people can put it on to wind down before bed.

How did you get into radio?
I’ve been doing Radio for over 5 months now. I’ve worked as a presenter for 4 years and when one of the producers from BBC Radio Manchester saw me, we had a chat and she put me in touch with Kate Squire (Managing Editor) who I met and she thought I’d be the right person to join the team!


You are a Mancunian through and through- how have you seen the city change over the years?
I grew up in Fallowfield (which people struggle to understand because they think it’s all students) but I always joke that yes I did grow up there and when you’re 18, it’s the best place to grow up in Manchester!

As I’ve gotten older, I feel like the city has developed and changed in so many ways. The city centre is ever expanding and it feels like Manchester has managed to keep its roots whilst still moving with the times.

What I love about the way the City’s changed is there are so many cool and fun things to do. From bars, restaurants and quirky coffee shops, there are loads to do and I love it. The city is full of amazing people (some born here and some drawn here) and I love that we embrace that and it has had a long lasting positive effect on what I think is the best city in the world.

Finally when and where can I listen to your show? Is there anything coming up soon we can look forward to?
Thursday evenings 7pm – 10pm on BBC Radio Manchester. Have a listen and you’ll find me and the self-proclaimed coolest young people having a laugh and sharing our thoughts and opinions and issues that affect young people!


The Dead Good Show
Hosted by Kyle Walker on BBC Radio Manchester 

Thursdays between 7pm – 10pm 

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