Introducing the Beer Slushie... The coldest beer you’ll ever have

With a nod to a technique pioneered in Thailand, this Northern Quarter bar has cracked the code to serving beer at sub-freezing temperatures.

By Alex Watson | 12 July 2019

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I’m the first to tell you that an ice-cold beer straight from the tap is the best thing on a hot summers day. Once we get through a pretty wet July, August is set to be el scorchio so beers will be the beverage of choice, naturally.

Fortunately, the absolute experts at Beatnikz NQ have managed to fix the only problem with summer and an ice-cold beer – when it goes warm. I can almost hear you all agreeing with me.

I popped down to Beatnikz NQ last week when that sun was beaming and let me tell you now, I’ll be there for the rest of summer, sat in the corner, sipping on a slushie.

They’ve only gone and made BEER SLUSHIES.

It’s the thing I didn’t know I needed. It’s the thing you didn’t know you needed. Combining your favourite childhood cinema bev with your favourite adult bev – who knew beer could get better?

Beatnikz did that’s who. And they’ve come up with quite possibly the most unique thing in Manchester.

They’re using their own batch brewed beer, slushifying it so it’s only available on the day and only at Beatnikz NQ.

What’s more, when you run beer through their magical slushy machine it only intensifies the flavours – for instance, a stout becomes stronger and even more alcoholic.

They cleanse the palette, cool you down and get you pissed – what more could you possibly want for summer?

The guys down at Beatnikz are up for experimenting with flavours and combinations, letting their creative side go wild.

They’ve already had a stab at cocktails, creating an Iced Bourbon Tea and a Mango Margarita (DELICIOUS – so delicious in fact we got brain freeze from chugging it too quickly) through the magical machine.

I’ve even heard talks of Pimms… it just doesn’t get more summer than that.

Keep an eye out on all our socials and Beatnikz for what’s coming up in the SLUSHIE MACHINE.

Beatnikz Republic Bar, 35 Dale St, Manchester M1 2HF