Introducing Manchester's Newest Vintage T-shirt brand, Lost Blue Heaven

Whether you want collectable band t-shirts or unique vintage tees, Lost Blue Heaven will have something for you.

By Alex Watson | 16 June 2020

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Of the many things Manchester is known for music and fashion are the top two. If we put those two things in a washing machine, let it all jumble about, I can guarantee a classic 90s band T would be chucked out.

Vintage t-shirts are an absolute staple in everybody’s wardrobe and I’d say you can never have too many.

Based in Manchester UK, Lost Blue Heaven has been established to offer the chance for people to buy a curated selection of collectable band shirts, as well as unique vintage prints made in the 80s and ’90s from around the world.

Lost Blue Heaven specialises in a wide range of handpicked vintage t-shirts; from music and culture to art and design.

Whether it’s a rare New Order tee or just a cool graphic that catches their eye, Lost Blue Heaven promise to always have something for everyone, from the avid collector to everyone who just loves to wear a vintage t-shirt.

There are plenty of rare and original vintage shirts from Manchester bands like The Smiths, Happy Mondays, The Stone Rose and plenty of others.

“As someone that’s always had a passion for music, graphics and vintage clothing, it’s great to be able to combine those interests and establish Lost Blue Heaven. Our t-shirts have been sourced with a lot of thought and effort, and we stock some amazing tees that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else or find again.

That’s what’s great about vintage, you’re buying not only history but also individuality. And also equally important to us, vintage not only offers the benefit to dressing more uniquely but also more thoughtfully.’’ – Nik Sinha, Lost Blue Heaven

The shop opens from next week but their socials have already proved popular so you’re gonna have to be quick if you wanna nab some of these vintage pieces!


Lost Blue Heaven