I’VE GOT A TEXT (message)... It’s from Revs De Cuba…  

They’re hosting a Love Island party showing the finale with a FREE cocktail for everyone. 

By Alex Watson | 19 July 2019

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are fully aware Love Island consumes your life for a mere 50 hours that we’ll all never get back. But it’s OK because Maura is hilarious and Ovie is now a national treasure that must be protected at all costs. 

Well, Revolución De Cuba (Revs to you and me), are fully aware of how much we are preoccupied with the lives of 20-wanna-be-famous-so-bad-I’ll-have-sex-on-TV people, that they’re hosting a party showing the finale. No judgement from me – I will 100% be there

You even get a FREE COCKTAIL on arrival. And you just know that’s going to be delicious because Revs are famous for their fruity little delights we call cocktails. 

It’s going to be shown on their massive 127 Inch HD screen (not sure if I wanna see Curtis that big tbh, but nevertheless), plenty of beach vibes and you bet there’s gonna be photo-ops. 

Out of context picture of Ovie in 3…2…1…

Ticket holders also get the opportunity to take FULL advantage of 2-4-1 cocktails up until the programme kicks off. 

Tickets are just £6 so sit back, relax and get ready for some TV gold


Love Island Finale @ Revs De Cuba

Buy Tickets

When: Monday 29th July 
Time: 6pm 
Cost: £6 


Revolución De Cuba, 11 Peter St, M2 5QR Manchester