Kebabs keep getting better & better by the month at BAB

BAB has quickly become a staple restaurant in the NQ, and we praise them for how they have changed the game when it comes to kebab dining.

By Alex Watson | 25 June 2019

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Now,  you might be of the school of thought that a kebab’s a kebab, right? Well, that’s where you would be WRONG.

Bab knows that kebabs in their traditional sense could be a bit boring, repetitive and dull. That’s why they’ve been holding monthly testing sessions to come up with new, creative monthly specials to allow them to update their menu each month.

The newest editions to the menu include 2 new mezze dishes and 3 new kebabs. 

Starting with the mezze dishes, the broccoli and asparagus warm salad (£5) is a plate of greens served with a perfect crunch and a drizzle of mustardy tahini dressing. The salad is the perfect addition to the mezze menu that has plenty of meat and fish dishes, providing a refreshing and light side.

The second dish to the mezze menu is ouzo steamed mussels (£8.50). This is a Greek classic and the strong liquor adds notes of anise and dry sweetness while the black garlic tarama is served with crunchy sourdough which is a nice touch. The portion is large and perfect to share between two or as a dish for the table.  

The herb marinated pork (£10) is served in chunky cubes perfectly seared with fermented apple puree which adds the right amount of sweetness and extra crunchy pork crackling for a bit of CRUNCH. There is also a hint of black pudding and a touch of spice from slices of jalapeno pepper which makes the whole thing the perfect balance of sweet, savoury and hot. 

The veggie, halloumi wrap (£9.50) is served with generous slabs of deep-fried halloumi sticks, coated in truffle honey adding just a hint of truffle that doesn’t overpower the dish. There is candied walnut for an extra bit of texture and a truffle and raisin puree to ensure the dish isn’t dry. The bab is also served with large red chilli and sliced endive.

Bab Fried Chicken is a twist on a classic with crispy deep-fried chicken is served with bacon flavoured popcorn which is a revelation. Coated in lashings of sweetcorn and scotch bonnet relish, and bacon jam, it is a shame this kebab is only here for the month! 

The new menu includes exciting and flavourful dishes that pack a punch. Get yourself down this week to see what you think of the new dishes!

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BAB, Little Lever St, Manchester, M1 1HR