'Kiev and Perri' the November special at Crazy Pedro's

Voting closed last night for the newest special, the people have spoken and Crazy Pedro's has listened.

By Alex Watson | 1 November 2019

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Crazy Pedro’s took to the wonderful internet, letting strangers on Twitter decide November’s Monthly Special. It could’ve ended terribly, the internet can be a weird place. But the people spoke and Crazy Pedro’s listened.

In the running for a month long sprint of being the nation’s favourite pizza were Ducky Fuzz, Kiev & Perri, Chee-quitos and Get Your Frites Out. It was actually an incredibly close call, with Kiev and Perri winning by a mere 8% of the vote.

The humble and somewhat blast from the past is reminiscent of your favourite childhood meal. Kiev & Perri is made with the following garlic concoctions of deliciousness:

🧄 Garlic Sauce Base
🍗 Garlic Chicken
🥦 Green Beans
🥫  Peri Peri sauce
🥬 Parsley

The brand new (old) pizza is back for one month only. 

Crazy Pedro’s,
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Short St, Manchester M1 1JG