Let’s Talk About It…. What is SICK! Festival?

Facing up to the complexities of mental and physical health, the international arts programme is weaving issues of life into many art forms for 2019.

By Alex Watson | 13 August 2019

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Starting in 2013, SICK! Festival has evolved; bringing in reflections from the teams’ own lives and the people around them.

The festival intertwines perspectives from researchers, clinical practitioners, public health professionals, charities and even those who have experienced the issues being addressed. 

The artwork has evolved over the past 6 years, but the premise remains the same: challenging, entertaining and with an aim to change the world. Artwork often encompasses and embraces issues of wider significance and those subjects kept hidden from public view and debate. 

But most of all, the programme explores issues from sexuality, identity, mental illness, ageing and death… all things that make us all human.  

SICK! Festival promotes real-life perspectives, including offering opportunities to get involved with performances for all ages, including ‘Body of Knowledge’ which allows young people aged between 16-19 to explore how they feel about their body, on a phone call during the piece with a live audience.  

The programming begins 18th September and takes place in a wide variety of venues across the city, including The Lowry, Manchester Metrolink Stations, The Whitworth and plenty more.


SICK! Festival 2019

When: 18th September – 5th October 
Cost: £5 – £15

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