The Local Gin Distilleries Fighting Against Coronavirus by Making Hand Sanitiser

They've switched up production to help the NHS, Greater Manchester Police and local communities.

By Steven Pankhurst | 31 March 2020

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With the popularity of all things gin and being that the stuff was flying off the back bars and shop shelves over a month ago, you would have called me crazy if I was to suggest that distilleries all over the world would soon halt their production to fight together against a global pandemic.

Well that’s what’s happened and one such distillery to get involved is Manchester based Didsbury Gin who have already created one million bottles of hand sanitiser for Greater Manchester Police and the NHS to keep them healthy whilst on the front-line of the Coronavirus crisis.

Owner of Didsbury Gin, Liam Manton said: “The chancellors’ recent comments about being judged by our capacity for compassion really struck a chord with us during last week’s statement. We are extremely proud to be doing our bit for the community during this difficult time.”

Over in Salford SIS4ERS Distillery (run by four sister funnily enough) yesterday announced they’ve also turned their focus from gin to hand sanitiser, knowing of the shortage. They’ve sent their first batch out to a local community provider to help protect their staff, and they intend to distribute to many more companies.

These actions really shows how serious the situation is and its great to see companies in our community like this taking care of people and trying to do their bit to contain this pandemic.

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