Is the lockdown making you have weird dreams?

You're not crazy - just isolated.

By Alex Watson | 3 April 2020

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woman laying on bed

I’m sorry but mine are getting out of hand now but after a bit of internet digging, I don’t think I’m the only one.

Dreams across the country are getting longer, we’re actually waking up and being able to vividly remember riding a Wooly Mammoth like it’s a horse and whatever else weird shit you come up with in your unconsciousness.

Well, I stopped worrying that I was losing my mind when the group chat agreed that theirs are equally as eccentric and exotic as Joe.

In fact, a morning doesn’t pass by without a detailed description of someone’s dream from the night before. We’ve been to funerals held at Wembley, visited cults in Lancaster and rather self-explanatory turned into sims who need ‘angry poops’.

Anyway, if all of this sounds vaguely familiar – do not worry.

person lying on bed while covering face with pillow and holding eyeglasses

A scientist has used his scientific powers to calm us all down from the fears that we might be going crazy.

The truth is – we’re not going crazy at all. There are tonnes of factors that are affecting our awake lives at the minute to make us have wild dreams. If you’re dreaming about being stuck – that’s pretty self-explanatory right now.

A lot of people are having emotional dreams, often about death or other triggering things, again which has a perfect explanation.

pug covered with blanket on bedspread

We’re all stressed and have increased anxiety levels like we’ve never collectively seen before. Financial pressures have skyrocketed and the uncertainty of when this is going to end is making the cabin fever feel like it will never go away.

Your dreams could also be related to spending an unfathomable amount of time with someone you probably only see normally for around 6 hours a day.

woman planking on thable

Other rationale includes the fact we’re actually at home meaning the space is warmer because we’re putting the heating on. When we’re asleep and warm we tend to have more vivid dreams.

If you find yourself dreaming about seriously normal and seemingly boring things such as going for a pint down the local – you’re not alone. Your life has got a bit monotonous being at home and confined to 4 walls that feel like they’re getting smaller every day.

And if you think there’s no scientific reason why you’re remembering every detail – you’re wrong.

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We’re sleeping in a bit later than usual, meaning we move into that REM sleep (still dunno what that means but go with me), in this part of sleep your brain is more active and dreams get longer and more vivid.

It’s during this part of sleep our alarm clock usually wakes us up but as we have our usual (and daily allowed lie-in) we remain in REM sleep. Our dreams get extended, somewhat weirder and we remember them.

Whatever you find yourself dreaming about at the moment, will probably have a perfectly logical explanation. If you actually give a thought to why you dreamt about a life without doors, it comes down to the feeling of being trapped.

If you’re seeing people in your dreams that you’ve not seen for years – maybe they posted a piccie on Insta that you saw in the day!

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You’re not crazy – just isolated.

Keep dreaming folks. Send in your weirdest ones, we could all do with a laugh!