Manchester Union Lager - Direct to your Front Door!

You can now get your favourite local lager delivered directly to your gaff.

By Ben Brown | 18 March 2020

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Since bursting on the scene just over a year ago, Manchester Union Lager have taken the city by storm, offering up the most unique (and delicious) lager that you’ll probably ever grace your lips.

The brainchild of mates Ian Johnson, Will Evans and Jamie Scahill, their passion for traditional Czech and German pilsners prompted them to bring one to Manchester – using traditional brewing techniques that were long ago abandoned for more ‘commercial’ methods.

Their use of decoction mashing creates a lager that is far removed from your usual lagers, with an improved body and a much bigger ‘mouth feel’, resulting in a “caramel body from the malt, and a slightly bitter finish“.

It’s a great tilt and this week they’ve launched a delivery and collection service, with the lager available in a 2-litre growler for £10 (with a £10 deposit for the growler).

Delivery is free, limited to Manchester City Centre, or it’s available to collect from the brewery over in Piccadilly East (address below).

To place an order, contact the team on @MCRUnionLager or visit the website, which will soon have a dedicated order page.

Order Online

Of course, not everywhere is closed yet, so if you’re looking for a swift pint of the good stuff, check out the Manchester Union Lager stockists here.


Manchester Union Brewery, 96 N Western St, Manchester M12 6JL