Manchester Young Professionals is hosting a progressive health and wellness panel talk this week

An enlightening panel discussion featuring industry experts.

By Manchester's Finest | 16 May 2023

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In recent years, the conversation around health and well-being has become increasingly prominent and complex. It’s no longer just about physical health, but also about mental wellness and holistic living. As the dialogue evolves, so too does the need for platforms that enable open discussion, education, and community. One such platform is the upcoming Manchester Young Professionals Health & Well-being Talk, taking place on Thursday 18 May at Manchester Hall.

The event will be chaired by Sky Sports presenter, Kyle Walker

Manchester Young Professionals, dedicated to fostering a healthier community, is organising this event to inspire attendees to embrace a more progressive approach to health and well-being – considering not only traditional exercise and diet but also incorporating aspects of community, mental health, and lifestyle.

The event will feature a panel of speakers chaired by Sky Sports presenter, Kyle Walker. Walker, a Manchester native with a rich history in sports broadcasting, including hosting shows on BBC Radio Manchester and Sky Sports News, will facilitate an engaging conversation among the panelists.

David Seed who runs a free cold water meet-up community will be one of the panelists

The panel will include personal trainer Sam McGowan, professional running coach Ben Parker, fashion model and entrepreneur David Seed, and osteopath Ed Madeley. Each panelist brings a unique perspective to the conversation on health and well-being, drawing from personal experiences and professional expertise.

McGowan transitioned from a high-level gymnast to a personal trainer, emphasising the empowerment that comes from strength training. Parker, who has years of experience as a professional running coach and a co-founder of Runna, brings the aspect of endurance training into the discussion. Seed, a former fashion model, has channeled his passion for helping people into starting a free cold water meet-up community and founding In.Flux, a clothing company. Madeley, with his background in sports massage therapy and osteopathy, will provide insights into musculoskeletal and postural health.

The event promises to be an enriching evening that will shed light on the diverse work being done in the health and well-being space across the UK. Moreover, it will provide a platform for the sharing of ideas, experiences, and best practices, offering attendees a more holistic perspective on health and well-being.

Ticket holders also get two complimentary drinks during the evening.


MYP Health & Wellbeing Talk
Where: Manchester Hall, 36 Bridge St, Greater, Manchester M3 3BT
When: Thursday 18th May, 6pm
Cost: £20