Manchester's Best Independent Music Venues will Celebrate Themselves Next Week

Manchester’s got some of the best independent music venues in the UK, and next week is dedicated to them.

By Emma Davidson | 27 January 2022

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Independent Venue Week is a 7-day celebration of music venues across the country and a nod to the people who own, run and work in them.

Essential pillars of the local music community, many of these venues give artists their first experience of playing live in front of an audience, while also providing an intimate experience for any potential fans. 

They also give those wanting a career in music off the stage the chance to learn their craft up close and personal in a small venue.

Across the city, we’re very lucky to be treated to some incredible spaces, from traditional boozers turned must-visit music destinations such as The Castle Hotel, to those on the outskirts of the city including The Talleyrand and The Eagle Inn, which champion local talent and provide great platforms for grassroots artists. 

After an extremely difficult journey over the past couple of years due to COVID-19, some of these venues are only just getting back on their feet, so there’s no better time to celebrate them, as well as  the incredibly dedicated teams behind the scenes.  

By championing these venues, we can highlight why they are so much more than just places for live music – they are cultural hubs for learning, creativity, arts and culture, connecting people in their local community of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, genders, skills and walks of life.

These venues, all local businesses, are the backbone of the live music scene, and Independent Venue Week recognises all that they have done to create some of the most memorable nights of the past, so they can continue to do the same in the future.

There’s loads of ace events going on next week to celebrate, and, lucky for you, we will be releasing an article next Monday with a line-up of the best events that are happening across the city’s indie venues between the 31st of January and 6th of February!


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