Manchester's Best Lunches: A Kebab & Greek Fries at BAB

To be fair, you're not going to be doing any work after eating all of this...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 20 May 2022

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Pork Souvlaki

I think it’s safe to say that if you eat too much on a lunch time, you can pretty much write off the rest of the afternoon in terms of getting any work done.

Many a time I’ve engorged myself silly, glugged a few glasses of red wine and have been next to useless for the remainder of the day – but you know what? It was glorious nonetheless.

There’s something primal about having an extravagant lunch, and, in this new series we’ll be looking at the city’s BEST LUNCHES and LUNCH DEALS – meaning you can sack off that soggy Boots Meal Deal and actually have a decent meal on your precious hour out of work.

BAB in the NQ

First up is BAB’s Express Lunch Menu – one which sorts you out with a cracking gourmet kebab and fries for just £7.50.

You can choose from 4 of their most popular kebabs, including the Chicken Skewer with house chilli; Pork Souvlaki with tzatziki; Halloumi with a spicy madras mayo; or their vegan Grilled Tenderstem Broccoli with harissa.

The 4 kebabs of choice

Halloumi with Madras Mayo

If that’s not enough for you, each one comes with a portion of fries – which I tend to enjoy plonking on top of the kebab and then rolling it up to create a monster kebab/gyros/carb overload.

Even better, for £1.50 you can upgrade the fries to Greek Fries – easily one of the greatest inventions known to man (and the Gods), they take the fries and then add tzatziki, chilli sauce and thoum (which is a Middle Eastern garlic dip) on top.

Greek Fries

More Greek Fries

From here things just get better and better as the pile of fries is then buried beneath a mound of creamy, crumbly feta cheese and then topped off with shredded black olives.

What a lunch! All for less than a tenner too! Thank you very much BAB.


BAB Express Lunch Menu
Served Monday – Friday (12pm – 3pm)


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BAB, 14 Little Lever St, Manchester M1 1HR