The only Meal Deal you need that's VEGAN!

There's a brand spanking new Lunch Deal in the Northern Quarter that involves a sandwich, chips and a pint all for just £10.

By Alex Watson | 26 November 2019

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Beats the meal deal you’ve got doesn’t it?

The Finest office sits a few meters away from Morrison’s. What this means is almost every day I partake in the Meal Deal Scramble.

It is quite honestly a horrific ordeal. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about and how stressful this experience is. Not only are you starving but the 50 million people clambering over you to get to the fridge are also starving. It’s a dog eat dog experience, not too dissimilar to a scene from a David Attenborough show. And it is most certainly not for the faint-hearted.

When you finally get to the fridge you’re only greeted to left with the scraps as you were late to the shop because of who you are as a person. It’s disappointing, heartbreaking and the whole thing is enhanced because of how hangry you now are. Hummus and bread it is. Again.

What I have to point out here, is if you’re opting for a meat-free or god forbid vegan meal deal, you’re in for an even bigger challenge. Not only do you have around about 1.5 options to choose from, the stock includes 4 sandwiches. So you can almost guarantee you’ll miss out.

Well, fear no more. The Northern Quarter’s newest restaurant tucked away just off Tib Street has a brand new lunch deal that involves a sandwich, a side and even a pint for a tenner AND it’s all vegan!

And you won’t even need to have your elbows out.

You can sit back in their comfy garden-themed restaurant and EVEN have the food brought straight to your table. Gone are the days of the Meal Deal Scramble. Gone I tell ya!

Look at those big chunky wedges coated in crunchy sea salt – a million times better than a pack of half-empty crisps.

There’s even a sandwich with pumpkin spiced mac n’ cheese – YES mac and cheese ON a sandwich. Who knew mac & cheese could get better?! Alvarium did that’s who.



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