NEW OPENING: Ashby's - Bringing the Traditional Greengrocer back into Sale

The Greengrocer is the newest addition to Sale’s welcoming community of independents.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 20 May 2022

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I think it’s safe to say that Sale has cemented itself as Manchester’s next foodie suburb, with an outstanding line-up of restaurants setting up camp there recently, including; Greens, Sugo and Rudy’s.

The town is championing some of the city’s best independents, who have reinvented Stanley Square, and, now, Ashby’s Greengrocer is the newest addition to the dining destination.

Ashby’s gets its name from the two pals behind the business, Ashley and Abbey, a pair that have wanted to start a business together since they met working in a coffee shop a few years back. 

“The Stanley Square development of Sale is very exciting, Abbey is a resident of Sale and we have both seen the area change for the better over the past few years. We just felt that redevelopment needed to be more than just bars and restaurants and needed some retail units and the town was crying out for a Greengrocer/Deli,” explained Ashley.

Abbey and her family are also vegan, so there was already a passion for organic, fresh produce, and, as well as this, the friends had noticed their own and other people’s shopping habits changing recently. “People are more willing to support a local business and spend a little bit more money on good quality produce,” furthered Ashley. 

Ashby’s focus is on bringing in a large range of fresh organic produce, serving as a go to place for all your fruit and vegetables. They are also asking customers for feedback and suggestions on what they would like to be stocked. “Just in our first week we have fulfilled requests for Globe Artichokes, Duck Eggs and Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb!”

As well as the organic produce, Ashby’s also wants to support other complimentary small businesses. They are currently doing regular collections from 3handsdeli for their Holy Grain Sourdough, cakes and bagels from the amazing Long Boi’s, filter coffee from Man Co-Co and giving the local Stem Sale florist a regular platform to sell beautiful flowers, bouquets and plants from.

They also have an excellent salad bar which contains different salads daily, as well as a daily homemade soup. “We started last Wednesday and we saw the same faces at lunchtime on Thursday and Friday so people are very clearly enjoying having a healthier option for lunch!”

The hope is that by putting a traditional greengrocer back into the heart of the community and by supporting local charities, Ashby’s can improve the health and welfare of locals.

“There is a huge community feel in Sale and a large majority of the business have a pay forward ethical ethos, another reason we were keen to open our shop here.

“We have a hundred and one ideas on how we can support not only local charities but also to work with local nurseries and schools. A few ideas in the pipeline are working with local charity Home Start helping families in need, educating children from local nurseries and schools on the importance of having fresh fruit and vegetables regularly plus much much more. We want to be seen as doing stuff to improve the overall community.”

Ashby’s is already a very welcome addition to Stanley Square, and with the recent shift in the way consumers are shopping, the Greengrocer will hopefully become a pivotal part of the Sale community.

Ashby’s Greengrocer is open Monday – Saturday 9.30 until 5.30 and 10 – 2 on Sunday.

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Ashby’s Greengrocer, Stanley Square, Sale, Greater Manchester M33 7XZ

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