Nextdoor: The App Promoting Community Across the Country

You can sign up and help your neighbours right here in Manchester.

By Alex Watson | 26 March 2020

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‘Nextdoor’ is an app that promotes community and has proven extremely popular in recent times to help your neighbours.

It’s easy to sign up and you can either post that you’re available to help or ask for it!

People are offering everything they can to help from childcare services to dog sitting and shopping assistance.

The app has recently added an interactive map to allow neighbours to offer assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many Manchester-based businesses are also on the app including Bar 21 which has taken to the app ‘Nextdoor’ to announce a new community approach to support the NHS’ work during this difficult time.

They will be turning the lights in their windows blue at 8pm on Thursday 26th March and are asking everyone to do the same if they can!

It’s not all the bar have been doing during this time, taking to the app again to sell their stock before the country went into lockdown. Including selling burgers for just £2.50.

So you can show your support of the NHS by lighting up your windows blue tomorrow evening!

Or there’s plenty of opportunities to volunteer your time here.

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