NOW DELIVERING: The Ultimate Mexican Taco Party Kit

Everything you need for a massive fiesta.

By Alex Watson | 24 November 2020

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It’s not like us to shout about London-based restaurants but this one in particular allows everyone to have a Taco Party at home with their new taco delivery kits.

With the impending tiers and tears, it’s only right to through a taco party for you and your household or support bubble.

It’s the perfect way to get the full eating out experience should we get shunned into Tier 3 and to also simultaneously avoid the sloppy crumbled up pizza from the back of a Deliveroo bike.

And to top it all off, DIY kits are the perfect way to support restaurants at a time when the hospitality industry is calling out for help.


El Pastor’s fiesta kits start at £45 to serve two people and go up to £125 for a six-person party. The kits all come with everything you need for the perfect taco party except a sombrero.

There’s some assembly required by you but each kit comes with a ‘foolproof guide’. You can also add on extras of any dish as well as a some of their booze including mezcal, wine, Acapulco Gold beer, wine and cocktail.

Each kit kicks off with guacamole and Totopos (tortilla chips), plus a Tostado starter. You can choose between a serving of two Chicken Tinga Tostada or two of their pretty famous Tuna Tostada.



Following that is your choice of their sharing mains which includes Al Pastor, 24-hour marinated pork shoulder served with caramelised pineapple, avocado-serrano chilli salsa taquero, white onion & coriander.

Alternatively, there is the Yucatan classic, Cochinita Pibil, which also sees pork shoulder this time slow roasted and served with orange, achiote and charred garlic.

And finally, their fall-off-the-bone short rib sharer which sees grass-fed Angus short rib braised for 12 hours in a Chipotle-muscovado-coriander seed rub. It’s served with pickled red onion, salsa La Maya, spiced sugar and of course warm tortillas.


Each kit also comes with at least one side of either Esquites (toasted buttered corn with jalapeño chilli) or Frijoles Refritos (slow-cooked refried beans).

You’ll also get each of their salsas Mortia (smoky chipotle and roasted tomatillos), Verde Fresca (Cornis-grown Serrano chillies, tomatillos & coriander in fresh lime juice) and La Maya (roasted pineapple and habanero salso with cumin and garlic).

The dishes are the same for all the kits, you just get to add on more and more! The Mexican Feast for 4 will set you back £85 (£21.25pp) and the Feast for 6 is £125 (£20.83pp).

You can also add on dessert and drinks, including six Acapulco Gold beers for £12 or 500ml of El Pastor Margarita for £28.

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