NOW STREAMING: Wines Paired with Corner Shop Chocolates!

A Picnic and a Pinot? KitKat with a Cabernet? Freddo with a.... err....

By Manchester's Finest | 1 April 2021

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Prestwich’s Grape to Grain has launched ‘Sofa Surfing: Whomping Reds and Cornershop Choccies‘ a live wine tasting with all your favourite chocolates this month via Facebook.

The wine enthusiast event allows you to indulge in a paired wine and chocolate evening from the comfort of your own home, in your PJs for one last time before April 12th.

The event, taking place on April 10th gives the perfect opportunity to enjoy an adult Easter, polish off all the chocolates with four delicious wines for company.

The first wine, Pikes’ ‘The Plantation’ Grenache, is from the Clare Valley in Australia and is described as a ‘super slurpable, rich and warm’, Southern Aussie Grenache.

Next, from Spain’s famous Aragon region, is a Caré Crianza’s Tempranillo/Merlot blend with dark fruity depth and a hint of spice.

A trip to Italy in the form of a truly elegant Barbera from Piedmont in Northwest Italy – a region that lives and breathes wine.

Lastly, a wine from a region ‘criminally under associated’ with viticulture, Mexico!

Wines are available in 100ml starters (£25), 500ml carafes (£75) and 750ml full bottles (£100), depending on budget and number of people within each household.


Keep an eye on their Instagram stories to get a say in the choccy lineup – should Freddos be in there? Chomps? Or are you a Rolo fan!?

All the prices include a range of corner shop choices and local delivery right to your door!

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