Post-COVID Bucket List #1: Eccentric Twists on Classic Dishes with a Sprinkling of Humour

Whether you order Bollocks to Brexit or Lockdown Wings, you always know the menu at Elnecot will make you smile.

By Alex Watson | 12 January 2021

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While the names of dishes about the B-word (Brexit) and flashbacks to lockdowns gone by are likely to put a smile on your face, Elnecot is more commonly known for tasty modern twists on traditional dishes.

There are truly sublime dishes on the seasonally changing menus, including a stand-out bottomless boozy brunch, Yorkshire pork belly and a *chef’s kiss* Baked Tunworth Cheese dish.

Quite literally the very earliest piece of Ancoats history, Elnecot gets its name as the first-ever recorded settlement in the region in 1212.

So if you’ve ever wondered what that massive 1212 sign is on the bar – now you know.

A nod back to the medieval past of this patch of land, you’ll find deft menu touches to push you out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never eaten before.

REVIEW: “Playful eccentricity and a sense of humour” – Elnecot’s Brand-New Menu

Honourable mentions of Head Chef Michael Clay’s inventions include the aforementioned Brunch and indeed a city-beating Sunday Roast. Both well known throughout Manchester, each one is lovingly curated and made fresh every single weekend. It goes without saying they are a must-try.

The rest of the menu boasts eccentric twists and unique elements to keep you on your toes every visit.

One of the latest editions to the menu, that Ben deemed has the ‘ultimate brunch dish’ features crispy pork belly, a homemade potato rosti, fried eggs, savoy kimchi, yoghurt and a chipotle chilli jam.

The Weekly Drool #034 – Crispy Pork Belly at Elnecot

The Crispy Pork Belly (£11) features juicy and crispy chunks of soft and flavoursome pork belly from the Yorkshire Dales, prepared over a good few hours to get optimal crispy crackling.

A trip to Elnecot wouldn’t be complete without a Manchester Egg (£6) which is even a favourite of the guy who actually invented the bitesize pub snack 11 years ago.

Reinvented with a soft-boiled quail egg, Elnecot’s version features a layer of Bury black pudding followed by Grandad’s Sausages, all served with homemade Piccalilli.

The Man Behind the ‘Manchester Egg’

As Michael uses this time on lockdown to create new dishes, refine old ones and serve up Roast Dinners for collection on the weekends, we should all expect a few new surprises when they re-open again for proper once we’re all securely ‘post-pandemic’.

Always looking to surprise, impress and innovate, I’m sure Michael will have some pretty special dishes to unveil, as well as showcasing modern English food and drink boasting quirky names and a list of more locally-sourced ingredients than you can shake your stick at. We can’t wait.


Elnecot Roast Dinner Collection Hotline – 07412 574 324

Roast Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork or Nut Roast
Available for collection between 12:30pm – 6:30pm every Sunday

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