What Are They Queuing For? | Record Store Day

“I’m buying 46 records and spending close to £1,000”

By Manchester's Finest | 12 April 2019

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With Saturday being Record Store Day, vinyl enthusiasts are already setting up a queue outside of Piccadilly Records. All with the aim of getting their hands on exclusive goodies and maybe a free festival ticket.

They are facing a near 24 hour queue to opening so we joined them to answer the question, what are people queuing for?

The vinyl on many people’s lips was the IDLES – Joy as an Act of Resistance. The Bristol punk-rock outfit made a huge splash last year with the album topping many people’s AOTY. With this being the only ever press and only a handful copies in store, this will fly off the shelf.

Another, Sly & the Family Stone – Live at Woodstock 1969, was the pick of the releases by Gary, one of the very first people in the queue. Almost five decades since their legendary Woodstock performance at 3:30am. Again, a one-off press and limited quantities expect the copies to go fast.

Heavyweights such as: Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Queen were all mentioned on the must-have lists. However, a queuer who I can’t name (he called in sick for work for RSD) was after something a little different, a Deadly Avenger vinyl. Deadly Avenger’s music has been described as; intensely atmospheric pieces of film noir music. This typifies RSD’s beauty, bringing music lovers together on a quest to built their collections.

“This is my 7th RSD out of 11, I do this every year and I just love it”

This guy told us he was buying 46 records and spending close to £1,000…

A marathon 24 hour queue may seem like madness to many people but the attendees did not share this view. The feeling from the queuers was this is the only opportunity to own these exclusive records. Their love for music and the community attached meant it was a pleasure to queue. However, they do appreciate all donations of warm tea!

Not only does Piccadilly Records have an exclusive vinyl drop, they are hiding 3x tickets to Bluedot Festival. If you’re a lucky finder you get to go for free! An extra motivation to get down to RSD early tomorrow.

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