Revealed: The city's first public park for over 100 years at Mayfield

The £1.4bn transformation will include the park, 1500 new homes and a new retail and leisure space.

By Alex Watson | 18 October 2019

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The area surrounding Piccadilly station has been pretty desolate and to be honest, pretty grim for as long as I can remember so it’s about time we injected a bit of life back into it.

The Mayfield vision have unveiled phase one plans for the area, promising the city’s first public park in over a century, spanning 6.5 acres, a 70,000 sq ft office, 545 multi-storey car park and a new river walk way.

The park will be divided into several sections with seated steps big enough to seat 500 people backing onto WHP’s new home, Mayfield Depot.

The brand new office block has been designed to maximised views of the park and Mayfield Depot. The ground floor is set to have single-let offices available. Rumours for the office are still with Barclays Bank’s 600,000 sq ft office requirements.

The car park is surprisingly designed to bring some greenery to the area too with steel arches on the lower floors to allow for cascading flowers. 

As exciting as a car park is, there will also be brand new retail and leisure facilities spread out on the new street with a focus on independents. Including the pedestrianisation of Temperance Street the developments promise to create a new urban neighbourhood as cool, chic and creative as Ancoats, NQ and Spinningfields all rolled into one.

Mayfield Development is a master plan designed to change the city with a mere £1.4bn investment.

For more details on the development, visit the Mayfield development website below…

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