REVIEW: The new Emporium of Magic at Breakout

In case you missed it, Breakout launched a brand new magical themed room in the Northern Quarter.

By Alex Watson | 11 October 2019

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It’s the perfect opportunity to live out your wizarding dreams (if you have any), complete with wizard capes, wands and witches hats. Lovely.

Firstly, let’s explain the premise of the room in case you missed it. There’s a crazy, scary, mental wizard which I’m guessing may or may not have a nose that has brewed up the world’s best spell. It makes you invincible, invisible and all-round evil.

Naturally, you and everyone else wants a piece of the action, hence why you find yourself locked up in his emporium, with a 60 minute count down until you disappear forever.

Of course, if you find the potion and the ingredients, you can brew it and easily slip out unharmed.

I was a big fan of the magical film series that must not be named so I have to say I was excited to give this one a go. It’s a 3 star room and given my track record I wasn’t scared one bit. I was actually pretty wrong.

Opening the first door you’re left in a very small room with a small objective of opening the door into the larger, main room. Sounds easy? It is. If this section takes you longer than 2 minutes, you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.

Once you’re into the main bit, that daunting music begins to play. You know the one that slowly speeds up as the time goes on and adds just an extra sprinkling of pressure? And you finally see the dreaded screen with the countdown on. But at least the music makes you feel like you’re living in a particular school for witches and wizards, eh?!

Firstly, the decoration (as ever) of this room is impressive. And I can imagine if you take a few young kids in here and they will be amazing and happier than every before living out their dreams.

What I have to say here, again because there’s nothing like a little toot toot of your own trumpet, is there? Is that my 100% success rate of Breakout rooms continues and I stay the reigning champion of everything.

HOWEVER, this room was surprisingly hard. I think it might actually be the simplicity of it that had me stumped.

Compared to harder rooms, there is of course less things to solve but actually this is the catch for me. I was looking for more instead of actually realising there will just be a bit less in a star room. So, if you’re a seasoned breakout-er watch out for that.

If you’re not, watch out for those red herrings and other things that you will waste 10 minutes on that lead you nowhere. It sounds obvious, I know but I can’t stress what these pesky little beggars will do to you.

On the grey brick walls are images of mythical creatures wizards and shelves of potion ingredients. In the middle of the room is a large leather suitcase, locked shut. But it hides a lovely dress up surprise.

This room is full of just about all the best bits of every other Breakout room, from UV to magnets and mazes to word puzzles. There might be a small amount of puzzles but they are jam packed with all sorts of things to sink your teeth into. 

Possibly the best bit about this room is the attempt it makes in transporting you into an actual magical world. And by that I mean, there will actually be a point when you are swishing and flicking a wand and possibly even shouting spell.

I truly think if you give this room a go with some fans of the magical world or even with some kids I truly imagine you will have a fabulous time. Even if you don’t get out.

If you do fancy going up against The Best Time in the World (us), we got out with 3:11 left. And honestly, that’s the tightest it’s ever been for me since the first ever room I did with 4 seconds remaining.


Emporium of Magic

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Breakout, 51 Church St, Manchester M4 1PD